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  1. Update. Fascinating. I passed in "--forceUpgrade" when launching the server and this seems to have resolved my problem. I can now connect the client to the server. Is this something forge or minecraft handled automatically previously? I've never had to do something like that before. Edit: Adding some copy-pasta for Google that I used when researching my problem in case this helps posterity. None of the posts/info I found out there helped me, so maybe this can help others in the future. I don't see a spoiler feature on this forum, so pasted below. Client pasta: [29D
  2. So I set up a local server (using the actual server client and not a LAN-opened SP client) and am getting the same issue. Attached is the server latest log and debug log. The debug log is too large for pastebin or here (its ~2MB), so it is split up into multiple files. I am going to attempt some other things to see if there is any fix, but would be interested if the logs tell anything useful or if there is a way to fix this on my side (or if this needs to be a bug report somewhere). In this log, the only change I made was an upgrade to chiselandbits from 0.2.2 to 0.2.8.
  3. I already have a VM running on an old PC for Emby, so I'd spin one up on the same physical host. That host already runs 24x7, so it can stay running while our computers can sleep / play other games, etc. It'd be a small overhead for Minecraft but increased convenience. This is my first 1.16.4 play of minecraft. Upgrading mods have never given me trouble in the past. I should note that things work fine if the server loads with the mods, its only when the mods change that I have the issue. Is there a way to force re-registering of the blocks in 1.16.4? Edit: But I see you
  4. Would my options improve if running as a server? I've been toying with the idea of building a VM for the purpose of running as my Minecraft server.
  5. Client running with LAN open. Edit: In poking through the logs on the client host (the client with the LAN open), I see the entry in the logs I expect of "the following IDs can't be found and will be removed" but it doesn't seem to actually remove them which is weird and then proceeds with a "found unidentified IDs, loading anyway" message.
  6. Hi all, Every time I upgrade mods, I seem to run in to this error with my LAN "server". The offending log entry seems to be below: [10:31:01] [Render thread/INFO] [minecraft/ConnectingScreen]: Connecting to, 52432 [10:31:04] [Render thread/ERROR] [ne.mi.re.GameData/REGISTRIES]: Unidentified mapping from registry minecraft:block chiselsandbits:bit_tank: 5733 chiselsandbits:chisel_station: 5734 rangedpumps:pump: 1233 [10:31:04] [Render thread/ERROR] [ne.mi.fm.ne.FMLHandshakeHandler/FMLHANDSHAKE]: Missing registry data for network co
  7. Hi everyone, I'm fairly nooby in terms of non-mod specific and non-crash problems, so I apologize if this isn't a forge problem. I tried googling around, read the EAQ, and browsed the first couple pages of posts here. I'm playing SMP, MC 1.7.10. I've tried various Forge versions (1236, 1235, 1230, 1221, 1220) and any time I add more than 80 mods, my performance drops from 60 FPS (with vsync) to 20 or less. The specific mods don't matter, I've tried swapping mods in and out. I've tried using java 7-71 as well as java 8-25. I have my RAM settings to be min 512mb, max 4gig with 512 perm
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