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  1. Well, that sucks... So I just need a stairs model which is rotated upside down, how do I make that? It's fixed now : link
  2. The vanilla way is a pain, that was what I was using before, I had hundreds of files, and it took me a lot of time to generate all blockstate files correctly. You say "they don't add together" but on one line, like that : "facing=west,half=top,shape=straight": { "x": 180, "y": 180 } It works (even with vanilla file) so why not on separate lines? Shouldn't be so difficult to implement.
  3. I don't understand, can you give me an example of how I should replace?
  4. Hi, I have a problem with the stairs in my mod: when placed upside down (except when facing east) it display the bottom east model instead of the corresponding one. But, the properties are correctly set, as I see it when looking at the block with 'F3' enabled. So the bug have to come from the blockstate files right? If someone could have a look at those, here, it would be great. Thanks in advance
  5. It's tricky simply because there is no clean way to intercept that the integrated server has been opened to LAN. I searched for a few minutes and saw nothing: The IntegratedServer#shareToLAN method is called from the button or the command, but I didn't see any way to "register a listener" or something like that. Like you said, it's simpler to always send it. The client can just ignore it.
  6. This is different. Some blocks can be deactivated from the config file. If they are, so are the associated recipes. If a dedicated server deactivate blocks, the connected client should also deactivate them, because if not, the recipes will still show, but the result cannot be obtain. This is ugly. There might be other issues I'm not thinking about, but with this, the client is always configured the same way as a dedicated server, except for client only settings but there is only one for now.
  7. Without context obviously ... I synchronize settings between dedicated server and clients, hence the 'not singleplayer' test.
  8. Yeah, but that's the point. I wanna know, on the client, if this is a single or multiplayer game.
  9. I think I found what I want : Minecraft.getMinecraft().isSingleplayer() With that I can now if this is a single player game.
  10. Then how can I test if the world is not local.
  11. Hi, world.isRemote should be set to false in a single player game, right ? Because I'm having an issue here : @SubscribeEvent public void onWorldLoad(WorldEvent.Load event) { World world = event.getWorld(); if (world.isRemote) { // Executed even in single player } } Is it normal ?
  12. Ok I ran genPatches and it included my changes in the patch file. I was trying too do it manually...
  13. How can I make a pull request with a file that doesn't exist in the repo? I mean where do I put it? The Minecraft source are not in the repo, only patches. Maybe I should open an issue instead and put the file in a gist?
  14. Thank you! Should I edit the existing patch file ? Or make a new one beside? I'm not really comfortable with those. Also if I rename the variables (iblockstate1,2,3...) should I do it in the patch file or there is a place for it? I'm asking because I saw the processing of Minecraft sources is very ordered and complex.
  15. This is a real problem, GetVillageBlockID is not usable because it is called for half the blocks. It's stupid... Can the Forge team edit Minecraft code ? It's about ten lines to change, and I can help, just tell me where to go.
  16. It's kinda working, here's what I've done: The problem is that Minecraft don't call StructureVillagePieces.Village#getBiomeSpecificBlockState for all block of the structures. For example in StructureVillagePieces.Church#addComponentParts: IBlockState iblockstate = Blocks.COBBLESTONE.getDefaultState(); // Cobble is not replaced for Churches IBlockState iblockstate1 = this.getBiomeSpecificBlockState(Blocks.STONE_STAIRS.getDefaultState().withProperty(BlockStairs.FACING, numFacing.NORTH)); IBlockState iblockstate2 = this.getBiomeSpecificBlockState(Blocks.STONE_STAIRS.getDefaul
  17. I may have found a solution, but I need to find a way to know if a village is done generating. Is there an event for that ? Or something else I can use ?
  18. That's a bummer... What about structures in general, is there anyway to get the coordinates of generated structures?
  19. Hi! I want to change villages structures blocks depending on the coordinates. Is there a Forge event I can use for this? I know there is GetVillageBlockID but there is no access to the coordinates from this event. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi! What is the difference between ShapedRecipes/ShapelessRecipes and ShapedOreRecipe/ShapelessOreRecipe ?
  21. Ok, thanks! What about category and property ordering?
  22. Hi! Is there any tutorial about mod config file ? I would like to know how to make a GUI for the config, which can be translated with a lang file (I think I saw this functionality in Forge source). Also, is there a clean way to set the categories order? Instead of prefix them with 1, 2, 3 ... Thanks in advance
  23. I fixed it by adding: "defaults": { "model": "builtin/generated" }
  24. Custom walls with variants. They're working, but there are annoying errors ... Is there some kind of "empty model" that I can put as default model to remove those errors?
  25. Yes, of course. Thanks you very much!
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