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  1. I'm currently trying to make a mod which auto runs commands, could I ask where the save-all command is stored in the minecraft jars, thanks!
  2. hey could anyone explain to me how I would use forge to make a mod that would automatically run commands at set intervals, e.g. save-all every hour. Thanks
  3. Hey, does anyone know how I would create myself some custom music disks?
  4. Hey there guys, I was trying to create a furnace which has a chance to smelt into multiple blocks.. now to do this I have decided to make it so a random number is created and stored as variable 'X' and depending on the size of the variable e.g. if it is >10 then it spawns block one (for example)... now I'm not too sure how i would generate a random number.. not just once either i would like it to generate randomly repeatedly, preferably every 10 seconds or something How do i do this? thanks
  5. brilliant! thanks I really do like the forge community.. its as amazing as the minecraft one.. but with less trolls
  6. thanks that really was nicely summed up so just a final check before i recompile, if i do recompile i can still easily open eclipse and edit as i did before?
  7. hey guys. I just wanted to ask a question that I think many budding mod developers may wish to know, if i compile my mod to be run on minecraft.. will it re obfuscate all my code and will i have to decompile it again to edit? or does it compile i COPY of my code and leave my code still editable? Thanks.. -Chase
  8. I am currently writing my own mod, but when I was learning forge basics I watched this guy here : http://www.youtube.com/user/TechFreeZzeRrR?feature=watch he really helps if you don't understand something , one thing to be careful of though is that he used to make minecraft modloader tutorials too, so please make sure the video title has forge in it somewhere.. had me fooled for hours . Hope to see you in the modding community a lot more man
  9. Hey, just wondering if its possible to create a custom furnace, and place lets say 'BlockA' into it, is there a way I can set it up to have a 1/2 Chance to smelt 'BlockB' and a 1/2 Chance to smelt 'BlockC', if possible how would I program this (mabye include sample code using the blocks I have named). Much appreciated
  10. Derp! haha I'm an idiot, I had the packages mixed around the wrong way, thanks man
  11. Hey there, just posting this to ask about a problem I am having, I have coded my mod and its all working good, i have custom block, items, textures (mostly) and custom shaped crafting recipies.. the client launches fine with everything working which is brilliant! but when I try to launch the server it goes all wonky and doesnt work, here is the log from eclipse when i try to run it http://pastebin.com/QU4L1sGB I have setup a client and common proxy which seem to work ok.. mabye i did it wrong i don't know, anyone who would be able to help me i will give thanks to when my mod is released Thanks for your time even if you can't help me
  12. Hey. I need some help with a piece of code, I'm trying to set up a custom item like a furnace, where you place a fuel into the slot along with my custom block lets say for example 'BlockA' is its name, and I want it to produce either 'BlockB', 'BlockC' or 'BlockD' randomly. So it creates a random chance for each block and there is that chance you will get it from the furnace. Thanks for your time whoever can help me with this
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