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  1. there is an article written by one of the admins on how to do that, a lot of the changes are imports that are easy to fix. Hoe ever, the texture changes are really annoying, and I understand you on that.
  2. I just read the Updating your mod to 1.8. The method setTextureName(String) should be reimplemtened with an ability to override it for the 3d items. Just a suggestion, and I do not want to annoy the admins. Thank you, darkshadow543
  3. btw, how do you move up from tree puncher to stone miner
  4. i just upgraded to start developing for forge 1.8. I use eclipse, and it showed the setTextureName(String) method was no longer used. What method do I use to set the Texture
  5. and yes, I know Java(I know Java 8 includes closeures, called by a ->), and I'm trying to learn to mod by a book.
  6. I don't know what those mean, but Im trying to build the mod. Thanks for trying. Eclipse can not open the minecraft folder for some unknown reason. Which version of eclipse should I use
  7. I'm a self taught programmer and wanted to start building mods. I don't know if I'm missing something, but Eclipse refuses to open the minecraft file. Yes, I ran gradlew, and I have eclipse and chose the eclipse folder. What version of eclipse should I use.
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