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  1. I think I found the culprit. Journey map seems to have a server-side bug involving its configs. When updating forge to a new version (and new instance folder), I noticed the following at the end of the server's loading process: and the server unloaded fine the first time, but not after subsequent starts. Since the directory referenced here, journeymap's data directory, is one of the few directory I didn't copy from the old instance directory, I correctly concluded that journeyman was the culprit, removed it, and have been able to /stop without issue since. I don't know WHY these config'
  2. good idea. I'll give that a try... although, wouldn't a binary search be faster? (Honestly I just didn't think to give that a try at all, so thanks either way) yeah... looks like it truncated when I tried to rename the gist. The original log and gist are multiple megabytes so I can't really blame anything on github's backend for giving up. Although, the fact it's that long (and what you said about CraftTweaker) have me mildly concerned. I'll take that advice into consideration. One thing at a time though. let me give narrowing down the mod (if it is a mod) responsible for hangin
  3. hi. I'm not positive whether this is even forge causing this or a mod, but when I issue the stop command, it saves correctly but then doesn't actually exit the jar. The last thing showing on the main output stream (command prompt in my case) is something about unloading a dimension called alternate5, debug.log ends with a message about unloading server config's, and the rest of debug log from my last stop (this happens every time) can be read on gist here: debug.log Minecraft version: 1.16.5 Forge version: jar file ends with 36.1.0. Not sure about the 4 digit build number but I can c
  4. okay that fixed it. Thanks diesieben! I removed the non-alphanumeric characters (besides the spaces and periods) and it was able to find the jar without issue. I also appear to have avoided the error I got when I tried to setup a workspace under my desktop folder (I forget what the error was, but it's irrelevant to my situation since I don't want to put my workspace there anyway). moderation, please close this. I don't think I need any more help with this, but if it turns out I do, I'd rather start a new thread and reference this one. thanks everyone! Edit: ran into this again
  5. tried that, but thanks nonetheless Good point. I don't think that "-" is even supposed to be there in the first place (I think Windows might have added it because the "workspaces" wouldn't fit on one line when I was naming the folder. Even if I did it, it's not necessary), for instance, so that's probably the problem. I'll give it a try when I'm back on that computer. Thanks
  6. possibly related to this post fair warning, I'm almost completely new to modding, having only gotten far enough to implement a few items and some untextured blocks. Even that much I only accomplished thanks to CJMinecraft's tutorials (available here), so if I say or do something 'stupid', please have patience. I tried to install/setup a workspace on a new computer I just got not too long ago, but for some reason, the same steps in the tutorial I'm following (and which I used to set a workspace up on my old computer), well, they aren't working. here's what I did before I got an error
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