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  1. I have two mods which add an ore named copper. (Actually, I have seven.) In Mod A, copper is a rare resource which can do a few important things. In Mod B, copper is everywhere and used in everything. If I use Mod A's generation, I can't play Mod B because I don't have enough copper. If I use Mod B's generation, Mod A is too easy and powerful because there is copper everywhere. So, I want to play Mod B with Mod B's copper and play Mod A with Mod A's copper. I don't want them to be interchangeable, because they aren't. I want to turn off the oreDictionary. Note: I still play with 1.7.10 (and so do a number of people). I support an option to turn off the oreDictionary in 1.10, but I also would be very grateful for a retroactive addition of that option to earlier versions.
  2. Dear Forge Support, For the purpose of having better balance when multiple mods have similar named ores, I would like to turn the ore dictionary/compatibility off. I can find no mod nor setting to do this. Is this because no-one else wants to remove it or because the way to is obvious?
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