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  1. how are you going to move classes around in the middle of a Minecraft version? This is not a treadmill I want to be on
  2. Cheers. Just finished porting to forge (a minimap) and updating to 1.14 and discovered this (that you can't). Well, code at least runs (sans updates) and will be ready to go if that ever becomes possible. In a non-forge environment I can get this info by mixing in to WorldRenderer.func_215319_a() and be made aware of any chunk that is scheduled to be processed so I can at my leisure read terrain data from that chunk. Alternatively one could just periodically read terrain data for every chunk in range. This'd cause a lot more overhead, and would miss changes that happened befor
  3. if NetEase needs Forge, they can easily spare some change to financially help the people who make it. Otherwise they are just leeching. Similarly if there are thousands of players on Minecraft China who can't wait for Forge, they can check out Patreon. Otherwise they can just wait.
  4. As you know, for any given block, only states returned by getStateFromMeta(int) are stored to disk. Additional states returned by getValidStates() are not. Your best bet would be to see what properties in the set of states returned by iterating through metadata 0-15 never change (and do change in getValidsStates()). All 16 states returned for the dirt block from getStateFromMeta for instance will be snowy=false, as that is not stored. This will not be true in 1.13, where blocks will not be limited to 16 (storable) states. Presumably every possible state will be stored.
  5. bigteddy98's uuidlib worked pretty well. I used it for a one time, out of game conversion from UUID to name, dunno how fast it would be it seems to have mostly disappeared, but went like this given uuid as a string, after uuid = uuid.replaceAll("-", ""); // no dashes it went through String name = null; try { URL url = new URL("https://sessionserver.mojang.com/session/minecraft/profile/" + uuid); URLConnection connection = url.openConnection(); Scanner jsonScanner = new Scanner(connection.getInputStream(), "UTF-8"); String json = jsonScanner.next(); JSONParser
  6. I get that same error (inconsistently) without changing any gamerules. IMHO the gamerule is a red herring
  7. same issue here. No dev.json to mess with though (new install)
  8. this is the same request I had here http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,2009.msg15922.html#msg15922 If I ever feel like getting to know the internals of an API so I can submit a pull request for a sensible addition I'll go for it. I'm just a modder though. Anyway, glad to see that someone else has the same request But currently there is no way to do it without some sever kludges, as detailed in my post.
  9. Is it possitbe using forge to draw to the HUD after the other HUD elements (like the dimming at the edge) have drawn, but before GuiScreens (like menus, inventory screen etc) are drawn? To explain, here is what I ran into trying to do this with ModLoader. I know this isn't a modloader forum, but it illustrates my issue, which is hopefully one that won't be there with Forge. I've been maintaining Zan's Minimap since Lahwran let it go http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/zans-minimap/ I recently had someone ask if my mod worked with Advanced HUD. As is, it does not. Rather than
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