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  1. hey, in this thread : http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,4367.0.html , luacs1998 a link, but that link sends us to the file server that doesnt work, and than he locked the thread. please help? thanks, thejelmega
  2. good idea, but how would I do that thanks for the reply
  3. hey, I'm working on my mod called AgricultureCraft, I want to make my corn crop 2 high and it starts growing like seeds. how would I do it? problems: how to use a double high texture for the plant? how do I extend the bounding box as the plant grows? and, obvious, how to make it 2 blocks high? thanks for the responce!
  4. Hey, I've started on a big mod called agricultureCraft, but I wan't to change the recipe of bread. Does anyone know how to change the recipe without changing base classes. thanks, thejelmega
  5. please help, if I start minecraft in eclipse for testing i got this error I downloaded the three files, but where do I need to put them? could anyone help, thanks, thejelmega
  6. sorry LexManos, I didn't see that part
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