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  1. Maybe OnBlockBreakEvent if( isInBiomeList(biome) ) { double percentWater = sampleArea(blockpos); if( percentWater > biome.SATURATION) { setBlockPos(Water); } } It can vary based on the water level in the biome without the biome telling it and works unless the player fills in most the water before removing any of the blocks.
  2. Could it be simplified by having biome specific rules such as swamp level 72 to 65 all air turns to water, Ocean level 63 and lower all turns to water, Etc.
  3. Looking for a starting point. The basic idea is when a liquid is displaced by any block and then that block is mined, the space is filled with the liquid displaced rather than air. How could this be done and what are the limitations of the proposition? Example: digging dirt out of an area marked as a swamp fills that space with water.
  4. I agree with Draco18s, having started and stopped modding multiple times. Only things I'd change is play "current" version of minecraft. I'd start with simple items then blocks. After simple block learn about the different minecraft rendering layers. Then continue with Draco18s directions. After his directions work with particles. Some things to know is there's a lot of material out there and most of it is out of date. Most the time you'll be taking out of data material and updating it. Don't ask any questions about any material below 1.10 on these forums or your thread will get locked very fast and you won't get the answer you need. When you have completed items, blocks, and particles, I also suggest you get familiar with the major mods out there by playing with a couple of the large FTB modpacks in creative mode. This teaches you what players are looking for and what is possible. Then formulate an idea of what you want and look up some of the githubs of mods with similar type stuff. Things to look out for is everyone structures their code differently. Some will place a function in the block code, others the client proxy, others in "main", and some in a strange class you haven't seen with any other mod. There is very little reason to how people setup things other than that's how they got it to work and makes sense to them. You just need to take their code and play with it until it breaks to figure out what does and doesn't work for yourself. I use youtube videos and these examples. https://bedrockminer.jimdo.com/modding-tutorials/ https://github.com/Choonster-Minecraft-Mods https://github.com/TheGreyGhost/MinecraftByExample Rome was built up brick by brick. Aim small and expand as you accomplish more and more. Don't build on top of a foundation you don't understand or you'll find pieces of your code not working that should and won't understand why. I have personally tried skipping each one of these steps that were also suggested to me multiple times, and it never ended well, which is why I've started over so many times.
  5. okay. I can fix that. Thanks.
  6. I feel bad because there's so many posting similar issue, but I'd still like the help. For some reason it can't find my model files even though I've checked the spelling. error github
  7. Thanks. Just figured it out. Didn't know about the pack.meta stuff though. Still not getting it to place the painting but everything else is working. I'm going to tear into it again tomorrow.
  8. Fixed the .lang file I fixed what I thought was causing the issue with placing the painting and it didn't work. So now I'm tired and clueless. The repo is up to date from the last post. Going to sleep on in and come back on it in the morning.
  9. ModRenderers is called from preInit in ClientProxy ModModelManager calls the item models I'm going to take the time to make a git repo for this real quick. Thanks for the help. I hope this makes it go quicker. I've identified an issue with the item models. I'd like to see if I can solve it first before uploading. I have an icon!!! ...but it still doesn't do anything except play the placePainting noise. I'm almost there. Just need it to make an actual painting which I think I've got a clue where I need to do some changes. Also it's not listening to my en_us.lang and I don't know why. Github repo
  10. Alright I have not progressed at all. Minecraft no longer gives me errors but I have failed to be able to get an icon, get a painting, place a painting. I've tried these json configurations and I put them in the models.item folder. I have a the same painting.png as the vanilla one in textures.items I also created textures.paintings folder like they have in vanilla and it has the same png What am I doing wrong. If you need any further files let me know.
  11. Thank you very much. Saved me a bit of time searching all around. I'm now closer than ever! currently the two issues I have: Which is because I have yet to setup the model, jsons, or texture file which is what I'll be tackling first. the second is when ever I try to place the untextured block all I get is smoke particles. I think I know the general area that resides in.
  12. Update. Been trying a new approach and it hasn't worked out. Currently the new issue is Attempted to register a entry with a null name: I'm trying to figure that out. It's a strange setup that Chroonster has.
  13. Oh ho! Thanks for the info. I'm having such a difficult time trying to do things right with all the changes. I will do as you suggest and report back about 6 hours. The setup Choonster has and all the questions about registering things on this forum is making me change the basic mod template structure I've been using for a long time. plus it's tea time.
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