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  1. I need 1.6.4 for a mod though that is the latest version and 1.7.10 does the same thing I've already tried
  2. I clicked the installer on 1.6.4 and then it downloaded. I opened it and hit client and it installed and said that it did it. But now it doesn't work
  3. I did attempt but the thing is that it doesn't actually run its like it crashes without crashing. It throws my cpu usage up to 100% and it doesn't load. I have to end the processes. It doesn't actually launch the game it just kinda quits if I attempt to use forge.
  4. There is no console tab on my launcher or are you talking about before the actual launcher loads and its the code?
  5. I opened it and then went to the logs folder after clearing it but nothing came up.
  6. The thing is is that the game never really runs it just closes the launcher like normal but nothing pops up.
  7. how would i do that? I'm sorry i don't know how to do this.
  8. if i open task manager and i look it just shows the cpu usage at 100% which should never happen. (javaw.exe is minecraft). I would show a screenshot of my task manager but i can't figure out how.
  9. I've tried 1.7.10 and 1.6.4 and they never open minecraft. I always have to end the process. It used to work but now when i try and re-download them they never work and i have to end the process.
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