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  1. There're Mods that don't seem to have Forge-compability.. This one e.g. especially points it out: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1387245-x-ray-mod-with-opacity-cave-finder-fullbright-always-updated/ (haven't tried that yet)
  2. Even with the errors, Minecraft starts just fine (no further functionality test were made yet) Using... Minecraft 1.3.2 Magic Launcher 0.9.9 ModLoader 1.3.2 Minecraftforge Universal (the one that's supposed to have compability with modloader) With Forge first in the list and ModLoader second, ModLoader is marked as incompatible and the MagicLauncher log says the following: When putting ModLoader first and Forge second, Forge is marked with 3 errors and the log says the following: Each on their own do not produce errors. Mind that I do not look for support, it's more likely I just deactivate the mods I use less (which is forge at this point), I am reporting this to help you enhance compability
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