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  1. These are helper classes I did in the Morematerials mod. Source is on github public final class GameUtility { /** * Helper to get an item from its block. * @param name the id of the block. * @return the matching item. */ public static Item getItemFromBlock(final String name) { return GameRegistry.findItem("morematerials", name); } /** * Prevents an instance of the GameUtility class from * being instantiated. */ private GameUtility() {
  2. Stairs are easier than slabs. For complete source listing look at https://github.com/localtoast9001/forge-mods/tree/1.8. How stairs work in the game Each stair is a block derived from net.minecraft.block.BlockStairs. The base class controls collision, placement, and block state properties. The stairs block references its full cube block object for material properties. The stairs block has a lot of different variants through its block state to describe the stair's orientation. Since each variant potentially has its own model, you'll need to test all combinations. Design Consideratio
  3. I spent some time getting slabs to work in 1.8 with FML. I wanted to share what I learned with the community. The code is part of the morematerials mod I'm working on and is available here https://github.com/localtoast9001/forge-mods. Pull branch 1.8. How Slabs work in the game: When a slab is placed in the world, it will place a slab block that takes up half the block, either the bottom or top depending on where it's placed. These are 2 variants of the same block type. When a slab is placed on another slab, it forms a double slab, which is a different block type. When either the slab o
  4. I noticed that during testing of my Mod, if I added new blocks and items and reused the same world, the inventory icons would get switched around or not load. I discovered that when loading a world, the block/item IDs get remapped after the init() event handler. I am currently registering my inventory models when I'm registering my blocks. What's a good hook to register my inventory models after the block id remapping, or is this a bug?
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