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  1. Hi, I'm trying to install forge onto my game but I keep encountering this problem. I've Googled furiously, but I can only come up with other people experiencing the issue, with no solutions in sight. So I need your help. I have followed the installation instructions closely, have downloaded a fresh forge .zip and forced my Minecraft to update many times, and before you ask yes I'm deleting META-INF. I'm running Mac OSx 10.5.8, my game is the current 1.3.2 version, I'm using Unarchiver to open my minecraft.jar, and I've downloaded and tried the latest 3 versions of forge, all have the same issue. And I'm only trying to get Forge to run right now, I have absolutely nothing else besides Forge and Minecraft at the moment. What can I do to make this work? I appreciate any help I can get.
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