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  1. I'm launching a server, I believe that I've removed the clientside ones, although if you're catching one that I'm not, tell me.
  2. All versions for 1.7.10 Veinminer 0.30.1 bobross Multipage Chest 1.3.4 Chest Transporter 2.0.3 ProjectE PE1.9.3h Equivalent Exchange 3 0.3.507 Warp Book 2.0.36
  3. The pack is a modified version of Minecraft Unabridged, I've added a couple of mods (Equivalent Exchange 3, Chest Transporter, Multi-Page Chest, Veinminer, Warpbook, and ProjectE), but none of these have ever given me issues in the past. https://www.atlauncher.com/pack/MinecraftUnabridged
  4. Title says it all. Trying to launch a server based on a pack, but no evidence in the logs as to what could be crashing it. It switches from the state ModIdMapping to ServerStoppedEvent with no explanation. Most of the time, I do this myself but this one has me stumped. Could someone help me? Logs: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/anonymous/b8ef4c6b8a059de76b52/raw/3683f1d51c1a4b76d76f8d1c25faa311e39ce191/Latest%2520Logs
  5. Logs: http://pastebin.com/cYM3UYkX Concerning Lines: Research: I've done a bit of googleing, and some research. I've found what its looking for, but not in any of my forge installs. I've delved into my libraries/.../1.7.10- and minecraft.jar to look for the said "missing file" and can't find the directories where its supposed to be located. I've tested this on 3 versions of forge, and had the same result, across 2 launchers. I can't find any other error except for forge loading classes, and the such. The mods that have loaded thus far are fine, and the errors I h
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