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  1. I came to modder support because my mod has a problem and I needed support to fix it.. I dont care how much he knows if he shortens his mind to something unrelated.... Again and again this forum brings this idiot to say that he knows some coding and he starts shouting that he wants people to do things his way and only his.... I dont understand why I keep trying to get help on here and listen to this fcker saying my code is wrong... fk this I'mma just get rid of this feature in the mod.. And its sad to see that thing happening on somewhere which is supposed to help modders....
  2. I will not because it works.. and again I'm not restarting this.. This thread is about something different and idc if others think a method is wrong or not.. it is coding and I'm free to do whatever I feel is right.. I came to modder support because I dont understand why something else wouldnt work..
  3. If it didnt sync then all items wouldnt display but there are items that do correctly.. I'm trying to stay relaxed but diesieben is killing me with again and again telling me something else wont work which it does work.. I'm sorry if it annoys you I'm just working on this for hours...
  4. What makes you think that: How did you debug it: Throwing a bunch of items and some work and alot dont. How did you check that you are looking at the right item: entity.setCustomNameTag(itemstack.getDisplayName()); It sets the name to the item and I can clearly see that its wrong.. I've tried getDisplayName and also doing the nbt stuff like getDisplayName does and played with that..
  5. I'm saying again and again, its not getting the right string! nothing todo with how I display it! I want to get the item name from it but getDisplayName does not work! it returns wierd strings that I dont need..
  6. OMFG just get out of the thread already! I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT! I AM TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!
  7. Omg.. Stop talking about this... You CAN and it WORKS and AGAIN NOT WHAT I WAS MENTIONING...
  8. Why would you think I came here if I didnt try different things.. This is the one I used all along and also a few others but this one does what the first post says...
  9. Look, I know you're trying to help, but it does work and it is not what I asked for.. I'm asking for something completly different.. It doesnt have anything to do with how I display it...
  10. It workes for me really.. but changing the entity is not what I'm aksing here..
  11. public void t(Minecraft mc) { if (mc.world != null && mc.world.loadedEntityList != null && refresh.Passed()) { for (Entity entity:mc.world.loadedEntityList) { if (mc.world.loadedEntityList == null) break; if (entity instanceof EntityItem) { ItemStack itemstack = ((EntityItem) entity).getEntityItem(); if (itemstack.hasDisplayName()) { entity.setCustomNameTag(itemstack.getDisplayName()); entity.setAlwaysRenderNameTag(true); } } } } }
  12. Also on the items it does get, some items show the colors and some dont..
  13. Ok.. So.. I'm trying to get the itemstack name from an entity item and put it as an customname for the entity.. Now, this is a client side mod, meaning it does not add those items, and the items are not so much vanilla like.. Those items are generated by plugins on a server and they have custom everything, sooo, I was trying to get for example a healing potion which on the item name it says: "{LightRedFormat}Potion of Healing {DarkRedformat}[3/3]" now I'm using itemstack.getDisplayName() and it is just showing: "HEALING 19" instead of the real item name.. Thanks for anyone helping in advance..
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