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  1. Hello minecrafter. Do you think brewery should be extended from potions to beer (and not only?). Here you have: http://www.domecraft.it/mods/pubmod/ My first mod. Not a complex one, but adding some drinking related item. Have fun, and drink responsibly (or don't, do whatever you want )
  2. I need to physically reach the server to try the allow-flight hack. Maybe this eve? I'll let you know. As Belpois says, it would be kinda of an "hack" anyway.
  3. Quite. Let's see what happens after upgrading to the new forge version. I'll keep you informed anyway
  4. Not at all. As i've said: new items, new blocks, few recipes added .
  5. Sure Belpois. I'll try to find a moment to push my project on github. It's quite a "straightforward" unefficient bounch of classes. Nothing more than some new block/item and a list of recipes. I'll post when everything's up (it may happen within few hours as years life sucks )
  6. I'm a professional programmer. I "stay frustrated" a significant amount of my lifetime, so any little help about instantly raises to the "LIFESAVIOUR" gratitude level. Believe me Thanks a HUGE lot
  7. Let's try to sort out a rule... Elements: 1. NEVER happened while on intranet. 2. Clients used on Intranet/Internet are the same. 3. It happens when climbing a long ladder sequence or while swimming downwater. It always happens in these cases
  8. You're saving my life, pal I'll try. Next step: understanding how to update forge on clients/server but i guess rerunning latest forge installer on both sides could do the trick. Am i wrong?
  9. Well, to be honest don't remember if i dloaded the new version of forge before or after a month ago. I will surely give a try updating it. I never updated forge (i'm an almost total n00b). Is there any easy way to update clients/servers/workspace, or should i erase all (except for worlds) and reinstall?
  10. Hello guys. Here i go again, and again i didn't find anything after a quick search, but maybe i suck at searching and i'm duplicating a post, so... Sorry for duplicating Is it Vanilla, or does the "flying is not allowed on this server" problem depends on something wrong with forge/my mod? Some elements more: 1. I suspect a network/server workload problem, since playing on intranet never caused the problem. Before modding, anyway, it never happened regardless on the intranet/internet connection mode. 2. I know i can allow flying on the server, but i would preferably avoid Thanks for help
  11. Hello gurus Did a quick search, but found nothing on this topic, that's why i'm opening this thread. Obviously i beg for pardon in advance, in case of duplicate argument. I'm almost finished with my mod, and obviously i started thinking at extensions. There's a an element of trouble that's worrying me: during development i experimented a mix-mess with textures. Installing a newer items set (by installing a newer version of the mod) on an old test world, it always pops out mixing old and new textures. Not such a problem, unless you don't think to release extended versions of the mod: didn't test on my server yet, but i'm almost sure about the fact installing a newer version would crap off my world. Did it happen to anyone else? Is it just me? Is there any fix/workaround to make the textures rendering stable across different releases? Thanks a lot
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