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  1. One problem I am having right now is figuring out how I can take a recipes required crafting items, then from those, I would find all similar/non-similar items in the Recipes 'recipeItems' ItemStack[], and create a new ItemStack[] out of the items that instead of all similar items being separate in the ItemStack[], the would be one stack.
  2. Image: What I am trying to do is create a crafting bench, sorta like the one in the xbox version, except it won't have any tabs, just a scrollable list with all items that are craftable. Right now I am having trouble with a few things. What I want to do is have it so that the slots where the required items are displayed, it will condense them into stacks of similar items, instead of having, say each slot have 1 of the same item. In the output slots where all craftable items are shown, if an item has similar items (like stairs), or has metadata (like dye), I want those to be in the same slot, but in a list that can be went through (like the xbox has the small list of all similar items), and I would like to sort the output list based on where the items originate from (such as vanilla items appear first, then modded items). Next, I am also having trouble making it only display items that the player can craft, it seems to really just display most recipes, and sorta in a random order. My current code (although it is definitely not the best at all) is here: http://pastebin.com/rSRtBWew
  3. How would I go about getting the direction an entity is based upon the players current rotation yaw. Example: Say the player is looking North and the entity being tracked is behind the player, the direction would be south, and the same for all other directions. The direction would be entirely based upon where the entity is, and the players rotation yaw.
  4. Mobs spawns would change in the chunks that are nearby to the player that has the potion active.
  5. for the increasing/decreasing mob spawns, I would think it should only affect the player that has it active, and it would change the spawn rates within a certain range.
  6. What I am trying to do is change the texture of the potion, but only for my potions. How would I do this? I tried using setCustomMeshDefinition, but getModelLocation never seemed to be called. Also with potions, is there any way to increase/decrease mob spawns while having a custom potion effect active?
  7. Is there any way to make it so that say, when the solar eclipse is happening, only custom mobs can spawn, and when say the blood moon is happening, it adds custom mobs to the spawn, and once they are over, it changes the spawns to normal. Also is there any way to increase spawn rates?
  8. Would I use WorldSaveData to save the events so that it would know that the event is still happening when rejoining the world? And something to check to see if the world has a blood moon or something else to use in other classes.
  9. What I am thinking of adding to my mod is events that can happen like in Terraria such as a Blood Moon or Solar Eclipse. How would I go about doing this, and giving the sun/moon a different texture?
  10. Is there any way to get the current loading progress for when you join a world? Also, I am trying to do something like the Singleplayer world icons, except for servers, and then just have a folder named server-icons, how would I go about checking if the player is on a server then create a screenshot and save it to that file.
  11. The thing is with opening the world to lan is that any events that I find are fired too early and Mincraft#thePlayer is null at the time they are fired, which can't be null since IntegratedServer#shareToLAN uses Minecraft#thePlayer to set the player's permission level, Also is there any way to get the current loading progress of loading a world?
  12. So I am making a sort of private mod for myself/friends, and what I wondering is, if there is any way to make it so that when I open a world it is already open to lan, instead of opening the world and then opening it to lan. Also I am thinking of adding a friends list but wondering how would I go about sending the friend requests and really anything outside of a server since I don't think I could send packets outside of the server, since the friends list would not be in game it would be accessible in world/out of world, and wondering how I would go about saving the friends list, I'm thinking NBT but idk. Also is there any way to replace the loading world screen where it displays "Building Terrain"
  13. Alright, now also I have a projectile entity that spawns when my gun is right-clicked (like an arrow from a bow), the only problem is that it moves on the server side, but on the client side it stays where it was spawned. This is the code: http://pastebin.com/wE5ZqNuB
  14. Here's the thing, I have a gun item that has and ItemStackHandler that hold all that parts for that gun. What I want is to be able to add upgrades to the gun, and those upgrades modify different things. Also I would like the upgrades to have different tiers/modify multiple things such as say an Upgrade that adds 1 damage and 1 reload, or an upgrade that removes 2 damage and adds 1 clip. How would I do this with or without capabilities? Also these upgrades are not craftable in the crafting table.
  15. How would I go about just manually making these upgrades with item capabilities and creating items with them?
  16. For my gun mod, I want to create items that can be put onto then guns and they are able to modify things such as damage, ect. What I am wondering is what would be the way I would make a single (or multiple) item(s) that each change a different (or multiple) attribute(s) on the gun, and how to define what they change?
  17. I can see a few mistakes, and for the block moving with you, if you look in the TileEntityChestRenderer it has a few lines that you don't have which are: which is put before the rotation.
  18. Look at how BlockOre does it, the method in that class is quantityDropped
  19. So, with again, it should be rephrased that this is not an item, its its own entity but it is like the EntityItem in the fact that it drops from entities, and can be picked up. But essentially what your saying I could do is check for players within a certain area when the entity dies, and for all of those player the entity drops a material, and only the player it dropped for can pick it up, and see it? How would I go about doing that part with only technically dropping for one player, and only that player can see it?
  20. I should rephrase it as it is not exactly an item, but more of the entity is like the EntityItem as in it drops when you kill a monster, and when you collide with it, it add a material to the player. Since with my mod, crafting is not done with items per say, but more of I have a capability that stores materials as integers, and when you kill a monster, it should drop this material item. And when I say you can only collect it once, think of it as like drops are different for each player as in every player can pick it up and it will "disappear" for them, but others can still pick it up.
  21. What I am thinking of doing is, for my gun mod that I am creating is making monsters drop a new type of item, like the EntityItem, but they can only pick it up once, then it will stop rendering for them, but other players can still see it/pick it up until the pick it up. What would be the best way of doing this? Would using a list of player names or UUID, or what ever, and saving it to NBT be the better way of doing this?
  22. Firstly, how would I go about creating an IItemHandler for the inventory. Also hoppers, pipes, ect. will not be able to interact with this. Secondly, what I want to do with the bench is have, sorta different pages inside of it. Like have a page for editing the gun, and a page for private storage, like and ender chest. So what exactly would I need in terms of the TileEntity, Gui, and Container, for this? Also, aside from the bench, each player should have materials, not actual inventory items, that will be dropped by enemies, and be picked up and added to the materials for the player. Is there a way to make different drops for each player?
  23. Ok, so now for the work bench, it will have a tile entity, what would be a means of getting the inventory from the tile entity? Also, how would I go about making the model of the item based on the parts that the gun has attached.
  24. So instead of creating my own capability, I could instead just use CapabilityItemHandler.ITEM_HANDLER_CAPABILITY, and just replace GUN_PART_CAPABILITY like this: and I do not need to use the AttachCapabilityEvent.Item, I just use the Item#initCapabilities method
  25. Alright, so I have this: Firstly, is this correct, and secondly, what would I put in the write/read methods?
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