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  1. Good to know, sorry to have bothered you with the request then! Thank you for the response.
  2. Error follows as this. Any tips? Or is my world just corrupted?
  3. Well fixed that, but I get an follow up error with redpower 2 that follows this. Seems like redpower is buggish. Or another mod is fucking it up for Redpower 2
  4. Strange error with the following error! No idea whats causing it! Any help?
  5. I singled out the mod AutoSwitch-v2.4.2-mc1.4.2.zip being the problem with the current build I had wen I ran this setup. I have since switched to the newer versions and things are working fine. And I'm not sure why it says there is a "Fake" World, since I'm not a modder. You would have to ask the creator of AutoSwitch-v2.4.2-mc1.4.2.zip That! Either way thanks for having a look at my problem. Much appreciated lex!
  6. I have a problem with my startup of worlds. I use minecraftforge-universal- The mod that causes it is AutoSwitch. My question is why it does this.
  7. Getting an error message when trying to play Swords +. This is the errorlog Jar installs. minecraftforge-universal-, mystcraft-uni-1.3.2-, OptiFine_1.3.2_HD_U_B3 [1.3.2]ReiMinimap_v3.2_05 Custom LAN Server Port & IP (in minecraft.jar) v1.2 (FORGE) DoubleDoorModsv4.1-1.3.2 InvTweaks-1.43b-1.3.2 ShowDur_1.3.2 Strongholdfix132c (Changes abf.class to complete strongholds fully.) WirelessRedstone V1.5 MC 1.3.2 - Render Player API 1.2 Minecraft works when I do not have it in the modf
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