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  1. I'm sort of new to capabilities; could you elaborate?
  2. Hello! I am attempting to render an effect on the player when they have a specific item in their inventory, however, other players on the server cannot see this effect because their clients can't see that the other player has the item in their inventory. How can I sync the player's inventory to other players on a server? Code: Render method, called from the ClientProxy
  3. When debugging server, the code replace always fails and prompts to restart. This happened with forge 1.7.10, and is continuing to happen with 1.10.2. Any help?
  4. My custom bow is not spawning an entity when I call world.spawnEntityInWorld(entity). I have even tried with other entities that are not arrows and they are still not spawning in the world. Help please? CLASS
  5. So with forge, how would I go about first off, finding the rotation angles that a player's head is rotated at? This is so I can make some tesselator code 'stick' to the player's head. Also, how can I make an armor pieces texture different IF it has a certain NBT tag? This tag can be applied to any armour be it vanilla armor, or armour from another mod. Are these things possible?
  6. So I am trying to make a recipe class that lets you attach 'spirits' to an item, and you can attach multiple spirits with different metadata, etc. But, for some reason it only works when the item you are attaching to is in a certain slot. I've tried everything I can think of, can anyone help out? CLASS:
  7. Never mind, solved. Here is the class if anyone was wondering:
  8. 1. Download your JAR then run it through this program called BON (I will link the file) to deobfuscate it. 2. Use JD-GUI to open the file, then save all the sources to a .zip folder. 3. Create a directory with forge decompiled in it (extract forge and run in a command window gradlew setupDecompWorkspace, gradlew decompile, and gradlew eclipse). 4. Go to the src/main/java directory and remove the examplemod package, and then remove the mcmod.info from the resources directory. 5. In src/main/java drop your source code from the JD-GUI zip file, and the resources from your JD-
  9. I haven't debugged the runes Boolean. It works fine, the problem isn't weather the runes are found. It is to do with the client and server sides of spawning the entity. Plus I had to add another check to that Boolean... public boolean checkRunes(World world, int x, int y, int z) { int[][] pos = { { 1, 0 }, { -1, 0 }, { 0, 1 }, { 0, -1 }, { 1, 1 }, { -1, 1 }, { 1, -1 }, { -1, -1 } }; ArrayList<Boolean> b = new ArrayList<Boolean>(); for (int i = 0; i < 8; ++i) { if (world.getBlock(x + pos[i][0], y, z + pos[i][1]) == BlockRegistry.BlockSpiritRune) b.add(true);
  10. Yeah it is not perfect, and can be improved. But that doesn't do anything to change the fact that my items wont spawn / spawn ghost items.
  11. It used "!worldObj.isRemote". And it is registered under MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS and FMLCommonHandler.instance().bus()
  12. If I remove the worldObj check all works fine, but the items are ghost items and I cant pick them up. I don't think it is the for loop.
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