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  1. I build another big castle on our private vanilla survival server over the last 4 months, Used up a lot of the resources we have on the server for this build I did not create a timelapse of it since the camera mod hasn't been up to date since the last 1/2 year or so. I managed to make this video running the server map in a older minecraft version on singleplayer. I will continue to fill up all the castle rooms/towers and perhaps make a walkthough video once that is done. For example we still need to find horses somewhere on our server(edge?). Anyways enjoy the video!
  2. I just build another big castle on our private vanilla survival server, I only died once, jumping from a tower aiming at the sea, but I landed on the edge Anyways I made a timelapse of this creation and here it is. Have fun!
  3. Wheat, Carrot and Potato Hopper farm in minecraft. Designed to be completely flat so you don't have to jump with could damage farmlands. The farm can be increased in size in all directions simply place a redstone repeater at the end of the redstone line and add another section. * Redstone: its simply a 16 long line with torches on the side of the blocks with pistons beside it holding the water up. * All the lines are connected to this one switch with lines of redstone, and a repeater to extend the signal far enough. * To make it easy to acces the flat farmlands each section has some hoppers at the entrance in case the drops fall here. * The hoppers move all the items to the central chest that collects all loot. Below the water between the farmlands are also hoppers that collect the loot. * Since this was the first time I collected the loot, I noticed that the redstone below the hoppers stops the item flow. So you should place the repeater below the hopper to fix this problem. * And replanting is easy but has still to be done manually. (Hold down right mouse button while walking is best). * The only disadvantage over the old farm is that hoppers are really slow gathering the huge amount of items into one chest. Build on our private vanilla survival server. Hope you enjoy the video!
  4. Build about 1,5 year ago, and lately I've updated the structure using the new cobbel fences and upside down stairs, to give it some better looks. However this is the first video of it Build by: Dextersworld Vincent Godyvdb
  5. Fully automated item sorting for storage. WITH WORLD DOWNLOAD! see below! We tried to make it as compact as possible. And with as minimal resources as was needed. (you can leave out some hoppers down to chests ofcouse, but I left some room to make things easier to see.) It will never jam the system since it can handle overflow when all chests are full for an item. Thats why the redstone is inverted for each hopper to the other side, so that redstone/torches don't touch there neighbours. To place chests next together alternate with chest and locked chests. We spend about a week working on sorting storages, and this design is the outcome. Please keep in mind that mass amounts of chests/signs/hoppers/item frames reduce FPS. So don't overdo yourselves and make your storage near unplayable I created this in creative singleplayer. And soon will be making a grand storage on our server with this design. World download: http://adf.ly/Mtpnb
  6. Easter Bunny Timelapse I made special for easter. It was made in less then 2 hours. Enjoy and happy easter! Made on vanilla survival server.
  7. Zwik's server tour / fly over. Special for 500 subscribers that I reached on my youtube channel this week. In this video you see some of the most dense build area's of our server. Server has been running for about 2,5 years. All in vanilla survival. Enjoy! You can see more of our server on my youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/Dextersworldnl?feature=mhee And I upload new videos weekly. So please subscribe to stay tuned!
  8. This was my 2nd project on our server. So after 2years and some months I cleaned up the side walls a bit and made this video. Enjoy The entire hall was mainly hacked away with stone/iron pickaxes and shovels. Since I didn't have much diamond in the beginning. Took about 2,5 weeks to build this back then. (There were no enchantments and you couldn't run ect.) Ofcouse the inspiration came from lord of the rings Made on our vanilla survival server.
  9. A TNT charged with tnt. I just had this fun idea last week so I build this map Try not to make a wrong step Have fun! Download World: http://adf.ly/JgtHh click file-download in the left top of the screen to download it as a zip.
  10. Special Timelapse for valentine's day! On our vanilla survival server. Alot of wool went into this
  11. An tower I build little over a year ago on this hill. The last few weeks I've been digging out the inside of the tower. In the middle of the tower there is a box, this contains a spider spawner farm. Might make a video of this later. Hope you like it! Made on our vanilla survival server.
  12. Shi'ar Battlecruiser Space ship from the X-Men Cartoon series. This is what I've been building the last few days. Made on a vanilla survival server. Building in the air in survival aint that fun with all the dirt piling But the result is a nice battlecruiser from the Shi'ar, a alien race from the old x-men cartoon series. Don't mind the mess in the background, That is one of our sand/sandstone mines on our server at the moment.
  13. A short timelapse of a christmas tree I made in just a few hours on our server. I actually spend more time collecting the wood and leaves for this tree than building this all in the spirit of christmas! Had the idea to make the tree branches floors like a tree house/cafe/tourist view idea. So I ended up placing some benches and tables there. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year!
  14. Recreation of the Fairmont Hotel Dubai in minecraft. There's a complete working piston elevator inside. Next to the stairs and 1 floor falls with trapdoors/waterbreaks. 68 corner rooms (all decorated). 5 big floors 16 floors 16 piston elevators (last one going to roof). 136 beds And lots and lots of sandstone was used in this building. All hand made in vanilla survival without use of cheats/creative mode. The outside was build in just a couple days. All the interiour of the building was slowly build over 6months time. Only because I didn't want to spend all my time on this building alone. but I think its finished as it is now.
  15. everything we build is on vanilla survival. Just check my other videos on youtube its all on 1 big server. Only a few videos are test/maps made in creative.
  16. A Timelapse of a Temple Dedicated to the new wither boss. The wither was build inside the temple after construction. On our vanilla survival server. Build by: Dextersworld
  17. A Floating Island we made by hand on our vanilla survival server. We even filled it up completely with dirt It was build about a 1/2 year ago but only completely filled with structures about a few weeks ago. It's only accesable by portal or if you swim up in the waterfalls
  18. My latest completed white dwarven fortress. With a huge dug out halls in the mountain. Completely dug out by hand in vanilla survival without using cheats/mods. on our vanilla survival server as usual Don't have a timelapse of this since this construction began over a year ago. It used to be a new map generate error with a hard edge mountain cut into sea level. So first there was a simple bridge. Later the 2 most right towers where build on the bridge and the last week I've a the rest to it. and made the mountain look a little better. I've build all the rest and dug out the halls in just a few days. Made by: Dextersworld
  19. A new Timelapse of the Belém Tower. This tower / castle is based on the real existing Belém Tower in Portugal: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bel%C3%A9m_Tower Build on our vanilla survival server.
  20. dont have a save its a huge world on a private server.
  21. A new timelapse of a haunted house I've build, to get started with the spirit of halloween
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