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  1. Tried doing it the way like previous version of Forge by overriding getUnlocalizedName(ItemStack itemStack) but that function doesn't exist. Are we still supposed to condense our blocks to sub blocks still even though the new id system is here (like minecraft:diamond or eee:eeeExperienceOre)?
  2. Thanks Dragonisser i was missing @Override hasContainerItem(ItemStack itemStack) and did not know that was needed. Thanks, Windows300
  3. I heard that you need to @Override getContainerItem(ItemStack itemStack) but this seems to not work... Is there something I'm missing here... Code here: https://github.com/EpicMinecraftModders/EquivalentExperienceExchange/blob/master/com/github/epicminecraftmodders/eee/items/ItemExperienceOrb.java
  4. I have never done this and I cannot find a tutorial for 1.8 anywhere so I thought to ask it here. What I want to do: Have a wand or philosophers stone that has like 1000 durability. Each time the player right clicks mob or block I want to take 5 durability to change blocks or 20 durability to change mobs. Could you point me in the right direction that would be good.
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