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  1. Thanks I tried that tnt mod from that forum but got the same message. Same with your camera mod. I dragged its zip into the mods folder. I also tried MC+ ModPack (just some other forge mod from that forum) any ideas?
  2. wow thanks for the quick reply. I tried the forge mod TNT (v3.2) and per instructions extracted the JAR file from the ZIP file and placed it in the mods folder. Same error. I got it off of planetminecraft. I could never find an origin or newer version. I have tried dozens of mods claiming to be forge compatible and have to date never gotten one to load. aaarrg Where are they? Is there some sample forge mod to test out that mods will load? I've even tried explosives+ which was from the mods forum on this site. Tried the latest buildcraft as well since it was listed on a forge mods site somewhere. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, I believe I am doing everything right. This is on a 10.10 iMac. I used the forge-1.8- to install the server and use the forge.jar file to start everything. The server starts fine and folks are able to play on the world. I give the server 1GB RAM and it never encroaches beyond 80% free. I have tried to drop in (allegedly) forge-compatible mod (.jar or .zip) into the mods folder and, on forge server startup, always get the same error message in the server window: FML has found a non-mod file XXXX.jar in your mods directory. It will now be injected into your classpath. This could severe stability issues, it should be removed if possible. Of course, the mod is ignored by forge. Is there a versioning match that is failing? If so, is there a repository with links to forge compatible mods up to the latest version? Also, as a second and very newbie question, do end-users have to install the client forge portion as well as the forge mods used by the server?
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