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  1. Okay so a custom Entity Renderer like this? : And if so how do I get it to deal with the fact that my entity texture has custom top, bottom, side or should I join them into one file just for this entity I looked through the mc textures and saw no place where they did that though for normal tnt.
  2. I tried adding: int entityID = EntityRegistry.findGlobalUniqueEntityId(); EntityRegistry.registerGlobalEntityID(EntityNuclearTntPrimed.class, "nuclearTntPrimed", entityID); but it did not help
  3. How do you register non `TitleEntity` `Entities`?
  4. I am new to Minecraft moding but not to coding or java. I just sat down and created a custom tnt mod and I copied the `EntityTNTPrimed.java`to do a custom explosion but when the block is activated and my `EntityNuclearTntPrimed` gets created it is invisible. Any help would be appreciated.
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