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  1. Darn D: that's alright, I'll do something else for Minecraft then. I don't exactly want a round object but just not exactly a cube either, I've always liked building stuff in Minecraft but I've always been annoyed at how limited I was at aesthetics (furniture and stuff, they made a Wither boss and not a chair?? ) and even though there are very creative designs with chairs and sign posts and such, it always felt too big. I was actually thinking about making a wall that connects like how stairs/walls connects but more like a wall for a building and not for like a fence outside. But yeah anyway thanks for the input guys! x)
  2. Omg thanks so much! That may be exactly what I'm looking for! Hopefully there aren't too many glitches! EDIT: Oh darn D: it seems like it's just a Techne+ I just want my block model to not be blocky And semi-round-ish
  3. Thank you guys! Very informative replies! I was hoping that I would be able to make some good-looking furniture like the ones Bibliocraft has, but that seems like a far fetched idea now since I always though Minecraft could import .obj files. D: Maybe there's another way? Not like another way to import .obj but use another method to make blocks that aren't completely blocky and not use blender? Would I have to like individually label each vertex or something? :<
  4. I'm currently attempting to make a furniture mod that adds in a lot of "clutter" items. I'm using blender right now because Techne doesn't really look that good. But I'm only a Java novice and I'm not sure how to use a .obj model as a block on Minecraft. I know up to how to create a brand new block in Minecraft, but using a model is completely new to me and, after researching I found a whole bunch of sources but they're all pre-1.8 as well as telling me to do various different things, from using 1 line of code to tons of code to using a 3rd party software to convert and I'm just generally confused on what to do, could someone help me? This is what my model looks like: [sketchfab]d27d666c81c24a9a93480c10cea5fcb1[/sketchfab] Daruma by pandaninjarawr on Sketchfab Thanks everyone!
  5. I'm attempting to make a furniture mod for Minecraft (so that I get used to modding Minecraft), and I was thinking of having a workbench-like block that you just put the materials onto one side (in any order, in any form), and as long as the requirements are met, you can scroll down the list of items you can make from it. So for example, I have 2 planks and 1 stick and that makes a table. I just plop the 2 planks on the left side of the workbench, and on the right side I can scroll through (kind of like how the xbox crafting interface looks) until I find the type of table I want. Is this possible to do? Or at least, is the difficulty not beyond intermediate? Thanks!
  6. Thank you very much for the detailed response!! I think I am taking a much larger leap than I should be, I'll shrink back a bit and just go with a furniture mod to start out with!
  7. I'm currently using this tutorial to make a keybind: http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Key_Binding I was able to do what the tutorial told me to do and the hotkey works, but I have a question on how practical/difficult of what I want it to do is: Once I press the key (e.g. H), the player will have all their items stored somewhere and their inventory hotbar is replaced by a "skill" hotbar, and the mouse can scroll through it. Also, the hunger bar is replaced by a "power" bar. Is this going to be really hard work? Are there any tutorials I should look up to prep myself for something like this? Also, are 1.7 tutorials OK for forge 1.8? Thanks everyone!
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