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  1. Isn't spigot also affected by the takedown?
  2. Hello and thank you guys for good answers. The reason I wanted to do forge modding instead of bukkit is because of the DMCA takedown. I am guessing that bukkit will be replaced with something better in the future, and I didn't want to be reliant on cauldron. Also, like you are saying, bukkit doesn't register item handling very well, and I wanted to do a protection plugin or mod. Do any of you know if bukkit plugins will exist in the very near future without cauldron? I would not want to create something that will we out of date in a month. Thanks again for the answers ☺
  3. Hello, First of, let me introduce myself. I'm new to modding, but extremely motivated to walk the long mile and learn. I'm a 35 year old guy from Norway, who has been playing Minecraft on and off since alpha. I've also hosted a few FTB servers, but now I want to develop Ive been trying to find tutorials on how to mod server side mods (like home, teleportation, protection, etc), but so far I've been unable to find anything that will get me on the right track. I'm not interested in learning how to create in-game blocks, items and such. Any help to get me on the track to become a great java programmer and forge modder is much appreciated. I've done tutorials from thenewboston + some others, and done the basic server command tutorial on forge, and I'm really pumped to learn more. Thanks alot in advance
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