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  1. Sorry I left that brace out!!!! uggh. Still I get the error "Attempt to add duplicate ....to pool : glistremod:ancient_book" error. I will look at your mod and its .gitignore file for your example and post my Git repository soon as I can. I have lots of errors in this mod and just beginning to debug but I really, really appreciate your help I have tried so many ways of doing this
  2. I really appreciate your patience with me on this and all the help. I am trying to simplify this, 1) the glistremod:glistre_chest_gold is just a custom chest --it does not extend LootTableEntry. So, I just eliminated that part of the if statement completely, as I can try to add loot to it later, and that leaves just LootTableList.CHEST_SPAWN_BONUS_CHEST. 2) I eliminated both LootTableRegistry and GlistreLootTables class where I had mistakenly tried to write the class to register "custom_chest_loot" twice. So, instead I just call LootTableList.register(new ResourceLocation(Reference.MODID, "custom_chest_loot")); in the preInit. And here is my simplified version of the event, which seems like it would work but gives the error "Attempted to add a duplicate entry to pool: glistremod:ancient_book" I am sorry I did not post the full error my folder was moved to a subdrive I could not locate the full crash log. In any event, I am just beginning troubleshooting and have 1018 json model errors This is what I have now: and I have LootTableList.register(new ResourceLocation(Reference.MODID, "custom_chest_loot")) in preInit in my main mod / @Mod class
  3. Let me try to fix that I am registering nothing since I am calling LootRegistry.register in preInit? This is really an ignorant noobish question that will bring me hate but how would I correctly add the loot table names in preInit?
  4. I am not sure I even have those files? I thought the entry gets added to "main" or "p1" This is what I have -- which incidently I copied /edited from your github examples GlistreLootTables: And the loot table load event in GlistreModEventHooks: and LootTableRegistry which I call in preInit by LootTableRegistry.init(); LootTableRegistry.register() ...could this be a problem --am I registering twice?? :
  5. Okay not really needed in both pools. So if I delete everything from LootPool and leave "evt.getTable().getPool("main").addEntry(entry1);" I get the error still "Attempt to add duplicate item to pool" But if I delete "evt.getTable().getPool("main").addEntry(entry1);" and change the LootPool part to this: LootPool p1 = new LootPool(new LootEntry[]{entry1}, new LootCondition[0], new RandomValueRange(1), new RandomValueRange(0,1), "glistremod/loot_tables:custom_chest_loot"); evt.getTable().addPool(p1); Then I get the error "Attempt to add duplicate pool to loot table: glistremod/loot_tables:custom_chest_loot I am not understanding this yet
  6. So should I change "main" to "p1" for the second "main"? When I do I get an NPE on that line of code : [18:50:55] [Server thread/ERROR] [FML]: Exception caught during firing event net.minecraftforge.event.LootTableLoadEvent@2cb84442: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.glistre.glistremod.events.GlistreModEventHooks.lootLoad(GlistreModEventHooks.java:82) ~[GlistreModEventHooks.class:?]
  7. GlistreModEventHooks class: ItemRegistry class: ItemAncientBook class: Cannot find what's wrong -- same error "Attempt to add a duplicate entry to pool: glistremod:ancient_book" Aside: Also, my GUI screen does not display when I right click
  8. Before posting that, looking at my ItemRegistry it does not look like I have correctly registered the ancient book item. I will attempt to fix that first and then see what happens then post result
  9. I have this json named custom_chest_loot located in src/main/resources/assets/glistremod/loot_tables ; my json for ancient_book is located in src/main/resources/assets/glistremod/item
  10. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this thing?
  11. Deleted ! Same error plus additional error: com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: Expected name to be an item, was unknown string 'glistremod:ancient_book'
  12. That's what i have I rewrote again it still give errors on "glistremod:custom_chest_loot" ="Attempt to add duplicate to pool...: glistremod:custom_chest_loot Loot table: Json:
  13. If the name is the same, you will get that message The same as what? I have tried putting all sorts of different entries for the String "Additional Entry" and "Additional Pool" I have put the name of the item, random names, the name of the json file for the pool, nothing works. I get the same error "Attempted to add duplicate pool" plus the name of whatever I put for that string. I don't get it. seems like no one else has had this issue
  14. I appreciate the help, however, I do not understand your usage. Could you possibly help me understand my error as well then your help would make a lot more sense to me? : 1)What should the string values be for "Additive Entry" or "Additive Pool" -- would that be the name of your json file for your pool? 2) Or would the "Additive Entry" String be the json for your item you are adding? 3) Why do I get a message "Attempted to add duplicate pool" anyway ? 4) I still need to register this but is that even related?
  15. Not sure if I can still request for support for 1.10.2 in this forum, but if not, any advice on 1.12.2 would surely help: I don't really understand what is a Loot Pool or a Loot Entry. I am getting a crash on startup on the line #addPool which I have placed into my EventHandler: "Attempted to add a Duplicate Pool to loot table" This could be a simple error or related to all the steps I have missed such as registering my custom chest?? I am simply trying to add loot items to both custom chest I have created and existing Vanilla chests. What should I do? I could use some help solving the error, understanding how the Loot system works, and steps I need to accomplish adding my custom loot items and Vanilla items to both the custom chests and Vanilla chests?
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