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  1. I'm working on a mod, and I'm really confused how this all works. I read the block adding tutorial and the basic modding tutorial, but mostly I'm just not quite sure how to write this code and stuff. I know java and I can kinda grasp the format for classes and stuff, but mostly I'm just confused what I'm actually doing when making these items. Could explain how forge's system of adding mods works? Like, when I'm writing a mod, what is actually going on other than me just adding stuff where tutorials tell me to. Just so this post isn't so vague I'll go into a little detail with what I wish to make with my mod. Basically it'll be a nine realms sorta mod. I wouldn't really say they're the standard mythological archetypes, mind you, but that's the general concept. Here's some of the mobs I wish to add (now, it's important to note that I'm not necessarily asking for help on how to code these. I'm mainly asking for feedback on my ideas, except for specific cases.) A mob that charges at you as well as doors or anything else it decides to attack. Various robot mobs that either help build/repair structure or attempt to siege the player. Nidhogg Boss - It'll summon boulders to fall on you while rising lava (special constructs involving pistons and dispensers) tries to overwhelm you. It'll likely be in a small sub-realm with no water or block placing. A computer controlled player mob (NOT Herobrine). and more surprises along the way. Realm ideas robot realm basically to utterly ruin the player if they find it. it's chock full of robots that'll build all sorts of things in the home world to pretty much ruin the players chances of survival. Unfortunately, there will be items and stuff hidden in it necessary to access other realms. valhalla is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. it'll have various stuff hidden in it, but it's pretty much just going to be a giant hall. yggdrasil is a hidden realm that will access all the other realms. Unfortunately, it has a certain 'guard' inside. It's not going to be easy to access. Atlantis is just that. the island of atlantis. various weremob hybrids and a slew of various new blocks. there will obviously be more. block types electricity generator. it's like redstone, except through water. there will be more... Anyway, those are my ideas, and I would like help in getting this going. Thank you, The Great Duck.
  2. ""starts spawning iron blocks out the side until 5 (or whatever) have been placed at which it is 'empty' and breaks into nothing" - Explain more (or is it me?)." Like, lets say there is an iron spawning block. If you place fire on the left side, iron starts spawning in a line until five have been placed at which point the block will break. If you put fire on the north and left, iron will spawn south and right (not diagonally. Two separate lines.). Once 5 TOTAL spawn, the block breaks. Only the number is variable, btw, not the block type. I was already aware that different types require different block. And no, I use 1.8.1, the latest version.
  3. Basically, is there a way to make a block (let's say for iron) that when another block (let's say fire) is placed on one side, starts spawning iron blocks out the side until 5 (or whatever) have been placed at which it is 'empty' and breaks into nothing. Said block cannot be mined once placed so as to not get infinite materials. Any way to do this? Preferably with a containment number somehow specified in its crafting recipe. This is to make self-building structures at certain points in my map when certain events are triggered, however I think the potential is endless and could bring the possibility of more ways of moving parts within minecraft.
  4. That's funny how you say that, because I was planning to somehow implement a leader (the only difficulty was seeing how that would work). Thank you very much. Would that also work for block entities? (doors, chests, walls, etc)?
  5. First of all, how is that even relevant? Pointless because there are workarounds, or pointless because you just don't personally like it? That would make sense except for where I have no idea what this "WSD" is. (I know what it stands for, but I have no idea how to access it). I'm aware of that. The entity won't be left spawned all the time (although, I might have them stay in the memory similar to how friendlier mobs don't despawn completely). The idea is that the one's that /are/ spawned are linked together, as well as any other's that spawn later on. I am well aware for the potential for lag. Assuming I can get them to all see what each other sees, there is little I need to do with regards to AI. I recently saw a video where they greatly extended a zombies LOS and it was able to run through an entire labyrinth, so minecraft already has the potential for long-range seeing meelee mobs.
  6. Not exactly. Thats more like them being able to communicate. I want them to have a modified LOS such that all LOS between ALL currently spawned versions share the same LOS collective 'pool'.
  7. Modes anyone here know how to make a mob that has the line of sight of every spawned entity of the mob (please don't yell at me if this implies chunk lagging of some form)? I'm wanting to make a robot-ish mob that acts as a single army.
  8. Thank you. It has now passed that step. I will let you know if anything else occurs. I'm waiting for it to run as I type.
  9. I have been following this tutorial (currently at step 3): http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Installation/Source I entered the command prompt properly and it began running. It got to "make start" in the series of what appear to be steps within the command prompt, and then failed with this error: "unable to find javac compiler;" "com.sun.tools.javac.Main is not on the classpath." "Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK." "It is currently set to 'C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_25'" I went into the environment variables within my PC (windows 7) and was unable to find one named "JAVA_HOME". Changing the section of my PATH variable relating to the java sdk does not appear to have any effect on "JAVA_HOME". I'm not entirely sure what the issue with this is. It appears to be some sort of variable I need to access and change to the proper directory. The problem is that I don't know /where/ to change JAVA_HOME, or if I even can manually. I would very much appreciate help, thank you.
  10. Well, the dimension im going to add is relatively small (think The End), so aside from the small amount that might get off, I can safely see the whole dimension running without lag. Thank you for the recommendations, though. That will be very helpful in the future.
  11. No. That's not what I mean at all. I don't want them to physically exist in the same dimension. I just want to know if there's a way to make them /load/ simultaneously. Like, could I keep the nether running, that way mobs could still wander around or potentially come through the portal?
  12. I didn't fail that badly. I was more just stunned and somewhat perplexed as to why the questions were even there. tbh, until it flagged the answer as wrong, I assumed it was a gag.
  13. Thank you very much. I will look into that. On a related note, is it possible to have 2 dimensions running side by side?
  14. It is closing the addRecipe call. Ah. well then it's probably better visually to move it to the previous line. it looks like a mistyped curly bracket the way it's currently sitting.
  15. isn't that what captchas are for, though? (also, the reason I don't know spiders are safe is because I /assumed/ they were dangerous. I don't usually bother going near them if at all possible, especially when I'm out during the day gathering supplies.)
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