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  1. Hi MrCaracal You're right to be cautious, and that's absolutely fair. Insofar as coding goes, We have some basic items, additional stone types implemented and textured. A language-based chat plugin. Alpacas are implemented (The initial point of them was to prove that the planned slaughtering function would/could work). We have basic models for each race: Dwarf, Human, Kobold, Elf and goblin (non-player race) and a few other small things like world barriers that allow us to set up events based stuff. The thing we've mostly been focussing on is working out the components of Dwarf
  2. It's just occurred to me that some of you might have questions. If you do, please feel free to post them here. I check in periodically. Other things we want to implement: Seige engines, traps, terrain physic and liquid physics. Dynamic weather (not just summer/autumn/winter/spring, but stuff like sandstorms, fog, etc.) and commandable AI guards (town watch etc.)
  3. Hi Draco, that sounds interesting! It'd be great to talk sometime about it. Email me the details?
  4. Wow, that was quick. To those who've emailed me, I've replied. Thanks for your interest!
  5. Hi there, I wasn’t quite sure where to put this, so if I’ve made an error, let me know. I’m Mortifus, administrator of a Dwarf Fortress role-play server. We've been around for nearly three years and have a healthy community. A brief overview of the server; a divided community with four races that are in competition with one another, and a system of moderators or "storytellers" act as dungeon masters using limited plugins and “Imagination!” to progress plot. Each world on our server is unique and the staff spend several months designing it by hand and writing up the lore. We find that th
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