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  1. Yes I know, I have problems a few times during the tutorial, but now i know what was the problem, and my mod works!
  2. Jesus christ, the tutorial not mentioned that, that's why it wasn't oblivious for me, not mentioning this is the first time I develop JSON recipe. Thanks for Your answer, i'll look into "data"!
  3. Okay ,this error is happening regardless the recipe is shaped or shapeless. Blocks not working, but items working perfectly. Why I get this error messige? How can it not find the data of minecraft blocks?
  4. Hello! I made JSON recipes by using a Youtube tutorial. THe recipes works fine, with items like torch or glass pane, but not with blocks. I put this in the JSON file: { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shapeless", "pattern": [ "S", "D" ], "key": { "S": { "item": "minecraft:sand" }, "D": { "item": "minecraft:dirt" } }, "result": { "item": "lm:modern_block", "count": 2 } } And I get an error: [main/ERROR] [FML]: Parsing error loading recipe lm:modern_block com.google.gson.JsonParseException: Missing data for item 'minecraft:dirt' What am I did wrong? Thanks for any help!
  5. Like I told you, I dont know how to do it. What I can show is a block or item or armor etc. but That's far from a rail.
  6. Sorry but are you read what I write? I completed thew simple tutorials, AND looked into the source code.
  7. Hello! I a beginner modder seeking for help. I want to create a mod for Minecraft 1.12.2. I have the tools, set up, but can't find anything just the basic tutorials (first item/block/weapon/tool/armor/etc.). I want to make a custom simple powered rail. I try to look for any tutorial, but can't find. I try to do from the basics (extend original class etc.) but there is a big difference between creating a block or item and crating a custom rail. Is there any good tutorial what I oversee? If not, anybody made custom rails, or know how to do it? I hope somebody can help. Thanks for any help!
  8. I knew java, but for a really short time, and just because I want develop mod, I not say anithing else. But now I look more into the minecraft classes and find every solution (I not use eclipse too much before too), and now i finish the mod. After all, relly really thanks for your patience and help to finish the mod!
  9. Thanks for your advice, but I think my problem is not related to lack of knowledge of java, but lack of knowledge of modding. I do all the beginner tutorial (from item create to structures), but now I try to do something that I never tried before, and maybe never will, and there is not a single tutorial for this. Not to mention that nearly all tutorial outdated (pre-1.. You help me a lot - and thank you for that
  10. "You get player and world from the event." Yes I see, but i get can't resolve error for player and world. Maybe player is correct like this?: EntityPlayer player = event.player; But it's not working on World world = ewvent.world; Because event.world not existing;
  11. Yes I want to substract, but not thats the main problem. This is instead a big problem: "onCheckTick(PlayerTickEvent event, Entity entity, World world)" I not use it correctly, but not know how to fix
  12. I try to register the event: My Code in Player Tick so far: I try to get the block under the player.Y, and check is that my custom ore. Is this right?
  13. Hello! I begin developing a Minecraft mod, where you can find lead and uranium ores. When you touch the uranium (after you mine it), it applies poison effect on you, but i want a similar effect, but only with the ores: When I get close, i want it apply poison on player. How to do it? I tried similar things (google), but nothing works. thanks for any help!
  14. I did this, but I got an error to the "e.getPlayer()" part, it says undefined for the PlayerEvent.PlayerRespawnEvent @EventHandler public void onPlayerRespawnEvent(PlayerRespawnEvent e){ Player player = e.getPlayer(); player.setPosition(100, 100, 100); }
  15. I did this, but not working. In my main mod file I put this under the init events: @SubscribeEvent public void onWorldLoad(WorldEvent.Load event) { World world=MinecraftServer.getServer().worldServers[0]; world.setWorldTime(18000); } }
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