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  1. The change, why guiAPI dont work, is in Forge. Older Versions work well... :-(
  2. one try with temp guiAPI like shown in MoCreatures Forum: second try with standard mods (guiAPI and costumspawner)
  3. Costum Mobspawner and Gui API bring until newer Forge errors. Tested with "all" versions for 1.4.6 higher than 480 For other mods arw higer Versions needed, there is a dilemma... It seems, that DrZhark and ShaRose couldnt solve that problem. Its easy to simulate, thats why I didnt put a error log here.
  4. As bukkit and forge teams couldnt find together, would it be possible to implement in Forge the Bukkit API ?
  5. Like title say, tree sapplings could only placed over one block air between dirt... only Forge than OptiFine_1.3.2_HD_U_B3 are installed on Minecraft 1.3.2 New lokal world, single play, not server
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