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  1. Thank you the IEntityAdditionalSpawnData was key. Now it works (almost) fine.
  2. Its been a while but now i have some time again. So your answers throw up more questions. 1) My whole movement logic is some calculation based on the values of the TileEntitys, which are set once and dont change after. So my first thought was that server and client should probably do the same calcualtion with the same result. 2) Descriptor Packet. Is there some packet method to send the data, like those in the TileEntity class? 3) IAdditionalSpawnData. What kind of thing is this? Google has 3 results that contains this word. One is this post. I cant find a thing called like this in my whole workspace.
  3. I was looking for something like this. Where can I implement this?
  4. yeah. thats pretty much what I thought, too. I have removed the side check on spawning and captured this. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77974524/2015-04-06_22.47.55.png[/img] The upper one is the client-side one. The one below it the server-side one. It is set correct on the server (internal), but it gives some crappy informations to the client.
  5. hey guys I'm new to minecraft modding and building a rollercoaster mod. The movement it based on quaternions which are store in the TileEntitys of the rail and in the wagon entity. The coaster wagon is spawned by right clicking with an item on the rail. The problem is that an (as it should be) server-side spawned wagon mainly moves on horizontal lines, jumps to the next position and is upside down the whole time. For testing I've spawned a wagon on client side (I know it's wrong) and it moves completely fine and smooth. So my question is now, do I have to take care of my whole movement with custom Packets or the DataWatcher or is there an easier way?
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