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  1. Make sure that you are not re-initialising the tesselator for every triangle drawn, you can init it at the start of the whole draw process and close it at the end for better performance
  2. If you do use blender you'll have to make sure you force triangulation on export and edit (delete) the object line headers (o ... lines) before using them
  3. No, he's saying that you need to use a custom item renderer for your item
  4. To further this. We are currently about to release our 1.7 version and are going to have to break compatibility with the biome tag system which we are loathe to do but it doesn't have enough flexibility as it currently sits. Even with the 1.6 system, a 2-tag identifying structure wasn't enough to be able to distiinguish between taiga and taiga hills so I'd love it if forge moved to a 3 tag system and applied it to the 1.7 biome list. Would this be possible?
  5. If you are executing the code from inside a gui then you have the player instance available to you as it's client side
  6. I do this with pixelmon. Here's some code from my render class for my tileEntity which has an item rendered spinning inside it: GL11.glRotatef(-1*tile.timer/1.5f * 57.296f, 0.0F, 1.0F, 0.0F); ((RenderItem) RenderManager.instance.getEntityClassRenderObject(EntityItem.class)).doRenderItem(uncoveredEntity, 0, 1.8, 0, tile.timer / 1.5f, 0); GL11.glRotatef(tile.timer/1.5f * 57.296f, 0.0F, 1.0F, 0.0F);
  7. The obj model loader has issues with some versions of obj files. However the report there does tell you exactly what the issue is. If you change that erroring line (line 4) from o ShapeIndexedFaceSet.652_ShapeIndexedFaceSet.653', line 4 to o shape652 it will compile past that line. There may be a few more errors to fix up in a similar way later on in the file though
  8. It would just be nice to have a little more control over exactly how things look/behave with water "fog"
  9. I'm also interested in this but I'm not sure whereabouts the hook should point to. There are heaps of ways of going about it but I'm not sure what is best. Any ideas? I'm happy to do the coding for it when that is decided
  10. I've done the pull request for this: https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/702
  11. Would really like it if I could get access to a couple of methods in a future update of forge. The methods are getChunkWatchers and getChunkWatchersWithPlayers from the bottom of PlayerManager.java
  12. We are looking to add an sqlite jdbc library. We are now running into issues as packaging it in the zip which works fine for windows users doesn't work for mac users. Is there a way of making sure this lib gets added to the classpath?
  13. Well no, the issue was that there were 2 mods bundled in the 1 zip which worked fine till after forge
  14. Turns out that for some people, putting the library inside our mod's zip isn't working, they aren't a majority but it's happening. However, putting the external library anywhere else is still not working. Minecraft isn't picking it up and the game is crashing. I have a class check on load which looks to see if the classes from that library are available. In 1.2.5 this would work every time if the library was in the mods directory alongside the mod but now in 1.3.2 no matter where I put it it doesn't get linked in. I have tried every conceivable location. The mod just spits out the error on the class check that it couldn't find the library
  15. Sorry realise that was a bit ambiguous. What we ended up doing was bringing the external jar's classes inside our mod's zip which is fine in this case as they have a very open license
  16. Putting it in the mods directory was the first thing we tried and we had no luck. I think we've found a workaround for now but it's a workaround that won't necessarily work if other people need external libraries
  17. yeah I have tried there. Trying to load a class from that library throws a classNotFound Exception
  18. Hi, Been converting pixelmon over to 1.3.2 with forge 4.0.0 and am having trouble getting it to link to an external library that we use. In previous versions of forge i was able to just stick the jar for this library in the mods folder with my mod and it would be loaded but it doesn't seem to matter where i put it with this current version, it can't find it. I had it in my lib folder in mcp when i compiled and putting it in the lib folder in .minecraft doesn't work. Any ideas? MrMasochism
  19. This error of course comes up after reobfuscation and was before i stuck the try catch loop around it. Running it inside eclipse with the maxNumberOfCreature string works fine too
  20. Alright, so i found that maxNumberOfCreature was reobfuscated to field_21108_e but when i switched the call over to that field it still came up saying that the field could not be found: try { ModLoader.setPrivateValue(EnumCreatureType.class, EnumCreatureType.monster, "field_21108_e", 80); ModLoader.setPrivateValue(EnumCreatureType.class, EnumCreatureType.creature, "field_21108_e", 80); ModLoader.setPrivateValue(EnumCreatureType.class, EnumCreatureType.waterCreature, "field_21108_e", 100); } catch (Throwable e) { System.err.println(e); }
  21. Yeah that's fair enough, how can i find what the reobfuscated variable is named?
  22. Hi, I've been trying to set the private values in EnumCreatureType using ModLoader.setPrivateValue. This works fine in the eclipse environment but when i come to reobfuscate it doesn't update the name of the field that i'm trying to set and so it will die with a fieldNotFound exception. Is this a bug or am i doing something not supported? MrMasochism
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