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  1. Soooo wait this doesn't have anything to do with my actual problem?
  2. Ooookkkkaaayy so I pop this code into where exactly, the item class?
  3. ait but what does this have to do with the crafting recipe?
  4. But the thing is I just tried a tutorial and copied the code the person used and I can make a VANILLA item just fine in a different way that I programmed
  5. Ok but the thing is I am registering my textures the items have textures but if I try to craft the items then my game crashes
  6. Oh I need to get rid of that block so why does it keep crashing whenever I try to craft something from my mod?
  7. heres the whole class so you can see all of what ive done if that affects it:http://pastebin.com/5FTcqsFr
  8. I have done that when I first did it when I first made a recipe it worked but now that doesn't work so I'm not really sure
  9. Ok so whenever I try to craft an item from my mod my game crashes but also how would I make it so I can craft an item using an item from my mod? oh and btw heres the crash report:http://pastebin.com/JdAhYnBG
  10. Hi so how would I make it so I code it so I can craft with my modded items, I tried this:StormMastery.extraction,'D',Items.potionitem,'P'); but this doesn't work any ideas?
  11. Hi so I keep trying to get to my test world to ya know test heres the link to the crash report:http://pastebin.com/BUtaYq5H yeah please help guys
  12. Sory I didn't know what to do/how to code armour so I followed tutorial
  13. heres armour material:public static final ItemArmor.ArmorMaterial phsikArmourMaterial = EnumHelper.addArmorMaterial("phsikArmourMaterial", 0 ,new int[]{19,25,20,15}, 30); public static Item helmet; public static Item legs; public static Item chest; public static Item foot; aaaaand here foot = new ItemArmour(phsikArmourMaterial, 0, 0).setUnlocalizedName("foot").setTextureName("al:head").setCreativeTab(tabAlchimia); chest= new ItemArmour(phsikArmourMaterial, 0, 1).setUnlocalizedName("chest").setTextureName("al:chest").setCreativeTab(tabAlchimia); leg
  14. hi my armour wont protect and ive done this for my code any ideas why it wont? http://pastebin.com/iCmNSVmw
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