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  1. For quiet some time now, I have had this idea, and personally, I'm not sure how to go about doing it, or if its even possible. So I'll start with the Android App part of things. (Note, I've not got a very unique idea about gameplay) So to start off, I'm guessing the App and it's Mod would need to communicate somehow, That's where I lose all hope, as, I'm not sure if I could, say, get a list of players on a server that has said mod, sent to the app. Anyway, I'll post the whole idea and see where it goes from there. So, The app gameplay (unless someone can come up with something more original) would be, at first, similar to starting in the popular facebook game, Farmville. It'd have its differences, it would be more grid based, AND it would have layers. Like the surface, then if you "dig" in a spot, you get a hole that is as deep as it is long and wide, 1 unit. Also, instead of having a set amount of water, you have to "dig" one unit cubed, which would cost energy (I'll get into in a second) but at the same time, the 1 unit cubed hole you just dug, can be used to put a bucket of water. To get said bucket of water, just go to the water and "fill" your bucket (you automatically have the bucket). So, then you can put plots to grow stuff on each unit, up to 4 from the water, in each direction. After yo get your plots, you can plant seeds (any Vanilla Minecraft plantable food, and maybe a few modded ones). If i were level 1, I would only be able to plant a certian food (probably wheat), and would have to unlock others as I leveled up. Leveling up would work A LOT more similar to Farmville... If you plant something, you get XP, if you harvest something, you get XP, and so on... Then there is crafting. Very similar to the FARMVILLE crafting, except with rare Minecraft items, like saddles. A lot of modded goodies, that can only be obtainible in certain ways, could become obtainible through this app/mod combo. The energy system ties in with digging, and crafting, and thats it. No energy loss for planting or harvesting things. Okay, so this whole digging thing, What is it about? Well to find things to craft items. Now, I may have you thinking "Okay, so this seems like another farmville... How could it work with Minecraft?" Well, I am going to answer that. Once you reach level 5 or so, in the App, you get the option to browse servers that A. Have the companion mod, and B, Are online, and finally C, Have at least one player in them. Once you find one that you like (or if you know a specific one, that the person you want to help is in) You can connect to it. Then you choose the person you want to help, you can choose between 1-3 people, depending on your level in the app. After you have done that, you can load your inventory in the app, and (it will detect what can and can't be sent to the current player, like, if you were trying to send a lemon, but Forestry wasn't installed, or whatnot) send something from your inventory to your selected minecraft player. Okay, that was a bit of a long post, so for those that dislike reading, basically, a farmville like phone app that can be used to give special items to a minecraft player on PC. So, what do you guys think, possible, if so, anyone wanna help. If not, well... i tried
  2. Just an update, i got a lot of the bugs worked out. I am about to post a crash report with TCon, but other then that were golden.. I appreciate your help diesieben07.
  3. Sorry for the Double Post, BUT, this will probably take a whole new thread to fix... I Found the culprit mod, causing the crash. It was MineChem. So i have a stable modpack now, I want to play with friends. I get a server ready, that'll run forge, AND all my mods. I get rid of the Client Only mods. So, I load up the server. Hmm... It loads fine, and it dont crash, but after it fully loads, It sits for a second, til i think its loaded, then spits an error til it BSOD's my PC. Everytime i get as far as getting the error now, i just close the server so it don't BSOD. I'm gonna paste the last few snippets of the log in pastebin, which can be found here: http://pastebin.com/10Me5qmT It is a 1.7.10, latest forge build, BUT TO BE SAFE, i tried it with the legacy java checker thing, to no avail. It seems to be a bug with aroma backup, but i cant pinpoint it... I am going to disable AB and go from there, If it works, My host (when i upload it) does auto backups anyway...
  4. OK, thanks for the info about it being something wrong with fluids. Now for an update, There were a few mods I accidentally didn't put on the list, due to the fact I was putting mods that were in Curse's list on my list, That wasn't every mod for some reason... Also, Open Eye (i think), basically told me it was thermal expansion. I Updated ALL my mods, AND forge. I had tried disabling mods, in the order they showed in curse, until i realized what Open Eye told me... Heres THAT link, http://openeye.openmods.info/crashes/ec397495d2cbbbd7b124943c104713ff I guess my next steps are testing it without TE, and if it works in that condition, Reporting it to them, instead of here... Thermal Expansion, though, is the central point of my modpack ... However, if it don't work without TE, I'm back to square One. Will update. UPDATE: Well, its not Thermal Expansion... OR any mod that requires COFH Core or COFH Lib... Back to square one then...
  5. I'm going to start by saying that I am a bit new at this, but i kind of know how to read the crash logs and error logs. However, this one has stumped me. I am using the Curse Client for the mods, with the exception of the few on the list that aren't included with it. In that list, I'll state which ones are and aren't part of curse. Anyway, Whats happening is, when I attempt to create a world, the game crashes. I have the crash report, however, the actual log file is too big for me to paste on pastebin, without a pro account, and, to be honest, I can't afford that right now. Removing the mods that are not included in Curse, don't fix the problem either. The crash report is at http://pastebin.com/yFNUc26W ANY advice on where to post the log, would be appreciated. The rules say not to post them directly, and not to use dropbox, so, I am following them to the best of my ability. Minecraft version 1.7.10, Forge version is The mods go something like this: Curse mods: Another One Bites the Dust Applied Energistics 2 Aroma1997Core AromaBackup Backpacks BdLib BiblioCraft BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Biomes o' Plenty Edetion BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Forestry Edition BiblioCraft BiblioWoods Natura Edition Binnie's Mods Biomes o' Plenty Blood Magic Botania Chisel CodeChickenCore CoFH Core CoFH Lib EnderIO Ender Storage ExtraTiC Flat Bedrock Xplosion's Edition Forbidden Magic Gendustry Hat Stand Hats IChunUtil Iron Chests Jabba Mantle Mariculture MineFactory Reloaded Modular ForceField System Morph Morpheus MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod Mystcraft Natura NEI Addons NEI Integration NetherOres NotEnoughItems NotEnoughKeys ObsidiPlates OpenBlocks OpenComputers OpenModsLib OpenPeripheralAddons OpenPeripheralCore Portal Gun Project Red - Base Project Red - Compat Project Red - Integration Project Red - Lighting Project Red - Mechanical Project Red - World Simply Jetpacks Steve's Carts 2 Sync Thaumcraft Thaumcraft NEI Plugin The Twilight Forest Thermal Dynamics Thermal Expansion Thermal Foundation TiC Tooltips Tinkers Construct Tinkers' Mechworks Translocators ttCore WAILA WAILA Harvestability WAILA Plugins Witchery WR-CBE-Universal NON Curse Mods: Magical Crops Big Reactors Factorization Galacticraft Core Galacticraft Planets Growthcraft - Apples Growthcraft - Bamboo Growthcraft - Bees Growthcraft - Cellar Growthcraft - Core Growthcraft - Fishtrap Growthcraft - Grapes Growthcraft - Hops Growthcraft - Rice Mekanism Mekanism Generators Mekanism Tools MicDoodle Core NotEnoughCodecs OpenEye Steve's factory Manager Anyway, sorry for the HUGE list of mods, If i could even figure out which mod it was coming from, I wouldn't be here, I'd be at that mods website, or have it fixed... Any and All help is appreciated. And when i get word on somewhere to post the log file, I will do it...
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