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  1. So a little while back, I made this tileentity called TileEntityEnergizer and it was working great! It looked for items above it and if it found them, 'absorbed' them and created energy. Then, it would transfer the energy to a player if they stepped on it with a redstone signal. All was good. Then, one day, I decided "I want to make this a multiblock." So, I went and I added some fields and a method to check if it was surrounded by a certain type of block and such. The purpose of that was so that the multiblock would give the player more energy for each item. Now that I've talked all about my
  2. put the GameRegistry.registerBlock() inside the constructor of your BlockApple, so it would be: public BlockApple(String name) { super(Material.plants); this.setUnlocalizedName(Growthcraft.MODID + "." + name); this.setDefaultState(...); GameRegistry.registerBlock(this, "apple_block"); } It would probably also be better practice to use the variable passed into the constructor called 'name' instead of "apple_block".
  3. Thanks for your help. I never really think about static when I'm writing it. I know what it does and how it works but I am so used to using it that I kind of just throw it into variable declarations. Also, thanks for the tutorial on syncing tile entities, because I never really thought about that..
  4. I'm not quite sure why this is so, but the NBT value for my TileEntityEnergizer does not save and load back in when the world is saved and loaded again. I have used readFromNbt and writeToNBT, but the data does not stay. here is a link to the TileEntityEnergizer class: https://github.com/AnZaNaMa/ExpTools/blob/master/src/main/java/com/AnZaNaMa/ExpTools/Entity/TileEntity/TileEntityEnergizer.java'>https://github.com/AnZaNaMa/ExpTools/blob/master/src/main/java/com/AnZaNaMa/ExpTools/Entity/TileEntity/TileEntityEnergizer.java and the repository of the whole mod (if needed): https:
  5. oh, yeah! I forgot I had that whole counter that only made it tick every 20 ticks. Thanks!
  6. The problem is that 1.8 took away the onUpdate function, so I've been implementing the IUpdatePlayerListBox and using its update method that only runs once per second. Is there another class I could implement that updates every tick?.
  7. So, I have a tile entity I've been working on that can take any item and turn it into pure energy that gets stored in the block (or in the Tile Entity to be exact). If a player then steps on it with a redstone signal, the player will draw out all of the energy into themself. The only problem is that as long as the energy is transferring, the server does not tick. The client can still move and look around, but cannot interact with the world, because the tile entity transfers energy using a for loop. Do i somehow need to run this on another thread, and how might I go about that? Tile entity
  8. Thanks for your help. I haven't really been able to find any good tutorials for OpenGL. Anyone know a good one? Also, if you have it, I would love a good directx tutorial, though that's not related to this question at all
  9. I've been working on my mod for minecraft 1.8 and so far, everything has been going fine, but I just can't seem to figure out why my tileentity will not render. I have a blockstate json file for it, a json in models under item AND block, the texture is in the correct place, but for some reason the block will not render in the world. It does render as an item, but as soon as it is placed, I just get a completely transparent texture. I have tried using a custom TESR and that is not working either, please help me figure this out. Block class: public class Energizer extends BlockCont
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