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  1. I've run into an awkward issue, and I'm not sure how to move forward. I have a storage item, that can hold other items. They can be added and removed by opening a container window, accessed by right clicking the storage item. The problem I'm trying to solve is that once the container is open, the player can drop the storage item on the ground, which allows the player to access the container even without the item. That makes no sense and causes undefined behavior, so it definitely needs fixing. I tried to use ItemTossEvent to detect when the item is dropped, and close the container when it
  2. Today, my internet went down, and I was unable to work on my mod because early on, it tries to contact a server and fails without an internet connection. Circumstance is setup in such a way that I'll have to have my internet down for an extended period of time in the near future, and modding is one of the few things holding my sanity together right now... Why do I need an internet connection to build and run a forge mod, and how do I make it possible to work offline? Apologies if there are major grammatical errors, I'm currently on mobile. Anrld unfortunately, before anyo
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! It was a little rocky at first because a lot of important stuff was still obfuscated, but I figured it out :3
  4. I want to make sets of armor that can raise or lower the players movement speed. The goal is for each armor piece to increase or decrease the players speed, and to allow the player to mix and match them to get different speeds. For a rough example, a helmet that slows you down by 1, a chest plate that slows you down by 3, and leggings that speed you up by 4 should equate to normal speed, while boots that slow or speed you up would affect your final speed. I'm hoping for more then that as well (hopefully flight and some other stuff), but I'm starting with speed. Of course, speed and slowne
  5. I believe I used "Open Projects From File System...". I tried using "import" instead, it appears to have done the job properly! Thanks for the help!
  6. I made a mod or two for 1.12, and I've decided to jump the gun and start a new one from scratch in 1.16.3. However, things aren't quite as I expected them to be, and I'm genuinely unsure if these things are normal and I'm just used to 1.12 modding, or if there's a genuine problem on my end. I ran "gradlew genEclipseRuns" a second time to be sure that didn't mess up, but it finished successfully, and there were no notable changes. Here's the "about" info for the version of Eclipse I'm using, if that helps: https://pastebin.com/SJq52DWL For starters, Eclipse immediately flags the example mo
  7. I've tried World.checklight() and World.markChunkDirty(), they seem to update the lighting properly, but only sometimes?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions thus far! The ghost block issue seems to be gone now, but lighting still doesn't update unfortunately...
  9. Odd... I've tried that before. Tried it again just now, nothing happened. The main teleporter block emits light and is always placed last after all the others have been placed, so I don't see why it wouldn't light everything.
  10. Which routine do I run to start a block update? I've been sniffing around for one, but haven't found much. world.scheduleBlockUpdate looked like it'd do it, but clearly not... That seperate array idea is a good one! I'll look into implementing that later.
  11. I'm creating a block which, when activated, teleports the player to another dimension and swaps the nearby terrain between the two. To accomplish the latter, I've got a custom teleporter class that overrides placeInPortal with modified code to swap around blockstates in both dimensions (ignoring indestructible blocks like bedrock of course, and blocks with TileEntities because I can't seem to swap TileEntities properly). It also has some special code to deal with the item slots for the teleporter block itself. It works for the most part, but has some issues: Sometimes, Certain blo
  12. I was able to find a fix on my own! Turns out, it appears the way it does because of these lines earlier in the vanilla code: GlStateManager.disableAlpha(); GlStateManager.enableBlend(); the blend feature caused all the images to appear transparent relative to each other, making it seem like they always overlapped. running disableBlend(), enableAlpha, then modifying the images to use transparency did the trick! Everything now renders based on the order it was drawn like expected :3 Posting this for reference, in case someone has a similar issue.
  13. I recently got a custom SkyRenderer working by copying the vanilla overworld code, and have been figuring out how it works. I created a third celestial object using the same rendering code used for the sun and moon, and for the most part, it functions perfectly: GlStateManager.enableTexture2D(); GlStateManager.tryBlendFuncSeparate(GlStateManager.SourceFactor.SRC_ALPHA, GlStateManager.DestFactor.ONE, GlStateManager.SourceFactor.ONE, GlStateManager.DestFactor.ZERO); GlStateManager.pushMatrix(); float f16 = 1.0F - world.getRainStrength(partialTicks); Gl
  14. I have a custom dimension that I'm trying to create a custom day/night cycle for. My plan is to compensate for the vanilla day night cycle (I tried using the doDayNightCycle game rule, but that affected the overworld...), and then increment time about 4 times slower then normal by setting it during a WorldTickEvent. This is what I have so far: @SubscribeEvent public static void WorldTickEvent(WorldTickEvent event) { if(event.world.isRemote) { return; //if on client, fail } //are we in ice dimension? if(event.world.provider.getDimension()
  15. Ah, I guess that's alright. I'll try to copy the vanilla code into a custom SkyRenderer class and see what I can do. Like I said in the OP, I do understand java, I have a fair amount of experience in it even if I am a bit rusty. It's the minecraft engine I don't understand.
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