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  1. Ah alright, yeah I'll check the settings and the new build and see what happens. That's interesting that it makes a difference in that way. EDIT: Yeah 1408 loads much much faster. I didnt time it or anything, but probably faster than the old ones did honestly. So it looks like that was the issue in this case.
  2. Ok cool, here's a link to the pack: http://1drv.ms/1Ej0iDP I removed fastcraft from that zip to make it easier for you guys.
  3. 1393 log: http://paste.ee/p/B95p9 1394 log: http://paste.ee/p/lJe1M Fastcraft disabled for both of these. Sorry if some of my earlier posts were unclear in description. The behavior isnt caused BY the loading bars, that's preposterous. A more accurate way to put it is that it seems to be from 1394 on up, they take much longer than previous versions do, loading bar or not. For instance 1388 and 1393 take pretty much the exact same time to load, one has the loading bars, one doesnt. If I can provide any more data from other versions let me know and I'd be happy to help. Or any other logs aside from the fml-latest.
  4. No problem, give me a bit and I can give you logs for without fastcraft for these. I'm just curious as to why this would happen more than anything, and since I have MultiMC now it makes it 10000x easier to swap Forge versions for testing than doing it manually
  5. Ok small update, it seems to do the loading issue on newer versions. It isnt 1389 that has the issue, I timed it and it's the same as 1388. Here are the times I got, by just timing them both: 1388- 50 seconds 1393- 55 seconds 1394- 11 minutes 37 seconds 1403- 11 minutes 38 seconds FML client latest log http://paste.ee/p/Jr15w I think with this data it's pretty safe to assume that all versions between 1394 and 1403 will load in the 11 minute range. I wonder what changed? I'll roll the pack out with 1393 for now, I'll check the logs again now that I have more info and see what the listed changes are.
  6. Hey just curious, what was changed in exactly to cause the loading bars? I did some testing and it started at that version. All the changelog says is "update to use the inherited jar format". Just curious as to what exactly was done and why. 1388 should work just fine for me so there's no issue there.
  7. Ok, just thought I'd make sure. I tested it in the vanilla launcher and it's the same. I guess i'll just be more patient. Thanks for the help!
  8. I understand that, but according to the log it's taking something like 10 minutes to load every time. I'll post my PC specs below, but I dont think that seems normal for what I'm running. AMD FX8320@4.5ghz 8gb DDR3 1866 GTX760 OC 1TB WD Caviar Black
  9. Hey all, running the latest version of FML for 1.7.10. I've noticed that it does the Texture stitching/mipmap generation routine every single time it runs. I searched around and didnt find anything about it. I'm not sure if there's something in the way it needs to be installed that would have to be changed or what. It's running inside of my custom pack on the Technic launcher. I havent actually updated the actual pack yet, but as far as I've known it doesnt care if I just manually update the stuff in the folder, which is what I did. Just not sure what would cause this, as usually there has been zero indication at all of the loading, until this version. Here's the log: http://1drv.ms/1zO2g2F It's on my live drive because I couldnt get a file attached to my post.
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