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  1. what im trying to do is make it so the trap door is flush with the ground above it, not sunk down one block, i got all of it to work but the middle one
  2. first my issue, i am trying to make a 3x3 sticky piston, seamless, trap door for my map, i am good with redstone but im not a redstone genious, does anyone know how to make a 3x3 sticky piston, seamless trap door? i searched on youtube and couldnt find anything at all
  3. having done some quick research anything luanched into suborbit is at roughly a 78 degree angle, looking at some pictures of test missle impacts the return angle is about 45 degrees-90 degrees suborbit is about 160–2,000 km (100–1,240 miles) above the Earth's surface the entre speed and reentry speed is about 7 km/s(entry) 4km/s (reentry) hope this helps
  4. if you would like a can make a new post with a world download so you can see how much i have done, i have it broken into 2 pieces and a 3rd piece as a demonstration
  5. thats including pulleys, im not worried about the "tech tree" of it, and flowerchild even has on his wiki that the incompatability with forge is intentional
  6. ok, would it be forge compatible? because i have an idea for an auto cow breeder/killer, leather scouring/tanning, wolf feeder and dung collector, but the prototype i built with better than wolves is too..... HUGE its over 85 blocks tall, and thats without the wolf part and leather processing part, thats just with the better than wolves, not with the better than buildcraft addon, it breeds 8 cows, grows and replants its own seeds for wheat, and even has overflow detectors to shut down 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the factory, im working on building a smaller version that people can build for their
  7. yes thats what im looking for,old school tech with new world power i.e. redpower wires
  8. its a wonderful mod, and I'm sure most people would agree, flowerchild well.... acts childish.... lets put it that way what i do love about the mod is as equal to what i don't like about it, so for the sake of time ill just say what items from the mod i feel are more necessary then others all the other features for all i care could be scrapped, either because i don't use them or simply for the fact i feel they are a little overboard and slowly kill the mod if someone is willing to take the time to teach me how to mod, im sure i can pull those particular files out of the
  9. before i start installing the different mods i just wish a confirmation that this is possible Modloader (mp?) forge industrial craft redpower (core, logic, and wiring) better than wolves
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