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  1. Okay. Is there a way to hook into the JSON loading system for custom, non-crafting table based, recipes?
  2. How is it recommended to make "in world" crafting recipes using the JSON system? I am trying to make recipes for crafting items when an anvil lands on an item, but I am running into a problem when my IRecipe wants to check against an InventoryCrafting instance to see if the recipe is valid.
  3. Yep, it is meant to generate an empty dimension. Everything is registered. It isn't a problem as this is now resolved, but now I have an issue with the server and client disagreeing on what dimension the player is in (or that is what I think it is). Entities from the previous dimension are still being send to the client along with any block updates. Previously (with the above code) the player was entering with an ender pearl, now they are entering with a block right click.
  4. I recommend researching switch statements, it will greatly assist you with your giant series of if statements.
  5. Hello, been a while since I've been here, took quite the break from Forge. Anyways, I am attempting to create a custom dimension and upon the player entering, the game crashes as it tries to tick the world's entities. I'm happy to post any code that might be necessary. Thank you for the help and I am glad to be back!
  6. Rather than run the command itself, I recommend looking at the code that the command runs.
  7. You do realize that vanilla grass blocks do the same thing right?
  8. Nevermind, got it. I don't know why this changes things depending on dimension, but I changed the block render type to mipped cutout.
  9. I assume you meant Overworld and Nether, those are the ones that are the same, End is different. Nope
  10. It is black in the nether as well. I have other blocks that work the same way with overlayed textures that work just fine, but they emit light. That could be the reason they aren't doing this if it is actually because of issues with block light.
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