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  1. Minecraft 1.9 Forge I noticed that GUI I'm drawing is displayed twice, when in Normal or Large GUI Scale, and works correctly in Small GUI Scale only, where is is displayed only once. Screenshots: Code: Also, the rectangle is not being drawn where it should be, unless I really messed up the coordinates
  2. Well, seems like a lot to be understood and rethought. I will probably look deeper into it tomorrow.
  3. Well, neither FMLEvents nor ForgeEvents class seems to exist
  4. Still doesn't work. That method is not being called. And also, as far as I understand, Entity join happens once for every new dropped item. And that is not what I want to do. Basically, I'm just asking whether my code will work or not to turn any coal/charcoal into wet one?
  5. In a class called ChangeDefaults I've got this: In the main mod class is where I get stuck. I tried this:
  6. I think I understand how the method should work, however I can't get the EntityJoinWorldEvent to be called at proper places
  7. -32k ... +32k, so twice as much. As far as I know, negative metadata works fine
  8. I want a vanilla item to change into an item from my mod when dropped in water. For that I need to override onEntityItemUpdate(EntityItem) method.
  9. Is there a way to override a vanilla item method without editing the base classes or do I have to create my own item with the same properties and replace the vanilla one with my own?
  10. Just had to change places between initialization of wet items and the dry ones. Got it all working, thank you
  11. I have this code in the generic item class: And in the item's class I call this in constructor: this.setWashingResult(new ItemStack(ModItems.wetCoal, 1, 0)); The item obtained with /give command or from creative inventory works just fine and has no problems being dropped. However, when I drop an item into the water, game crashes. Crash log:
  12. The ModelBakery.addVariants works great However to load the models I had to use this method: Because the one I fount to be said correct: was being called all the time and made a giant mess in the log
  13. This code works perfectly: However when I overload this method to handle items with metadata they're rendered as cubes (json model file not loading) Since the first one is working, assets is loading properly etc. The part of log with all the "Loading model..." I'd think that if "coalage:coal_piece" is OK, then "coalage:colored_coal_black" hould work, but it doesn't. And getUnlocalizedName method is overloaded and works as I want it to. That's proved by the log
  14. That is not the problem since I override the Item method with my own in ItemNEPWR
  15. I'm using Intellij IDEA 14.1 my MODID is "NotEnoughPower" and it has some upper-case letters some constants are referenced in the code Reference.MODID = "NotEnoughPower" Textures.COAL_PIECE = "coal_piece" Textures.RESOURCE_PREFIX = Reference.MODID.toLowerCase() + ":"; This is the project Structure http://imgur.com/N3chCP1 init and preInit methods of the main Mod class The ItemNEPWR (all mod items will extend this class) The ModItems class used to register and assign textures to all the items Since everything else is done in other classes, the Item class itself looks very simple All the code is available on github: https://github.com/zlotnleo/NotEnoughPower
  16. In preInit i do GameRegistry.registerItem and in init i do Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem().getItemModelMesher().register(item, 0, new ModelResourceLocation(Reference.MODID+":"+itemname, "inventory")) I quintuple-checked the file locations so that the texture is in assets.MODID.textures.items and the .json file is in assets.MODID.models.item but a game renders a standard 3D block with black and purple checkerboard pattern. My item's class extends Item so I don't understand why is it trying to render a block?
  17. If that was a driver, other minecraft instances would be broken, but FTB Infinity for MC 1.7 works just fine
  18. OS: Mac OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite, forge, Minecraft 1.8, IDE : Intellij IDEA 14.1 I had this problem in previous forge i ran and updating to the newest one did not help. I've checked that all the textures and .json files are in proper folders Everything is OK with blocks, but items are weird. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/luiKT
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