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  1. On the post I tried just server to see if it would help and it did not.
  2. My item damages for ONE SECOND and then goes right back to being damaged. You'd think it has something to do with client server syncing but it isn't as it is called on both sides. object ItemWateringCan extends Item { setRegistryName(DrugMod.modid, "watering_can") setUnlocalizedName(DrugMod.modid + ":watering_can") setCreativeTab(CreativeTabs.TOOLS) setMaxDamage(20) override def onItemUse(player: EntityPlayer, world: World, pos: BlockPos, hand: EnumHand, facing: EnumFacing, hitX: Float, hitY: Float, hitZ: Float): EnumActionResult = { // if(!world.isRemote) { // v
  3. So to fully fix all clipping in my block class I had to add override def shouldSideBeRendered(blockState: IBlockState, blockAccess: IBlockAccess, pos: BlockPos, side: EnumFacing): Boolean = true override def isOpaqueCube(state: IBlockState): Boolean = false override def isFullCube(state: IBlockState): Boolean = false And then in blender I had to of course fix the normals like in the video above, and then I had to render without Triangulating Faces, but sometimes that may fix it. Final JSON { "forge_marker" : 1, "defaults" : { "textures" : {
  4. To fix the issue I was having follow this video:
  5. I could use help with this too. BUMP EVEN THO IT'S OLD AF
  6. The image size in 128x128. Is that not valid?
  7. Okay I got the textures to load, but for some reason it doesn't show properly in MC on the model. Is it because I triangulated the faces? { "forge_marker" : 1, "defaults" : { "textures" : { "#material" : "drug:block/crop_pot_dry" }, "model" : "drug:crop_pot.obj", "transform": "forge:default-block" }, "variants": { "normal": [{ "model": "drug:block/crop_pot" }], "inventory": [{ "model": "drug:block/crop_pot" }], "moisture": { "0": { "textures": { "#material":"drug:block/crop_pot_dry" } }, "1": { "textures": { "
  8. { "forge_marker" : 1, "defaults" : { "textures" : { "material" : "drug:block/crop_pot_dry" }, "model" : "drug:crop_pot.obj", "transform": "forge:default-block" }, "variants": { "normal": [{ "model": "drug:block/crop_pot", "textures": { "material":"drug:block/crop_pot_dry" } }], "inventory": [{ "model": "drug:block/crop_pot", "textures": { "material":"drug:block/crop_pot_dry" } }], "moisture": { "0": { "textures": { "material":"drug:block/crop_pot_dry" } }, "1": { "textures": { "mat
  9. In Client Proxy PreInit ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(Item.getItemFromBlock(BlockCropPot), 0, new ModelResourceLocation(BlockCropPot.getRegistryName, "inventory")) The JSON { "forge_marker" : 1, "defaults" : { "textures" : { "#material" : "drug:block/crop_pot_dry" }, "model" : "drug:crop_pot.obj", "transform": "forge:default-block" }, "variants": { "normal": [{ "model": "drug:block/crop_pot", "textures": { "#material":"drug:block/crop_pot_dry" } }], "inventory": [{ "model": "drug:bl
  10. I have not. I will read it and get back to you on my results. ?
  11. I've googled around and read the forums for approximately 1 hour. I will not research any further. Can I please receive help on why I am getting this error? Called in ClientProxy init registerItemModel(BlockCropPot, 0) def registerItemModel(block: Block, meta: Int): Unit = { val item = Item.getItemFromBlock(block) val model = new ModelResourceLocation(getRegistryName.toString, "inventory") ModelBakery.registerItemVariants(item, model) Minecraft.getMinecraft.getRenderItem.getItemModelMesher.register(item, meta, model) } Called in Client Proxy PreInit OBJ
  12. Okay so I figured it out. Ends up that the creative tab you set for the ItemBlock correlates to what you set in the block. No need to even set it inside the ItemBlock.
  13. I'm trying to register an ItemBlock for my custom block. It's just not appearing in the creative tab for whatever reason or from what I can tell in the game at all. All other items register fine, just not the ItemBlock. PS: I'm coding in Scala @SubscribeEvent def registerItems(e: RegistryEvent.Register[Item]): Unit = { e.getRegistry.registerAll(ItemHempBud, ItemHempSeed, ItemHempBioManipulator) } object BlockHempBioManipulator extends BlockContainer(Material.IRON) { var PROP_TOP: IProperty[java.lang.Integer] = _ setRegistryName(DrugMod.modid, "hemp_bio_manipulator")
  14. I posted a Stack Overflow question. Here is the solution to anyone who needs it. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51236159/inferred-type-arguments-any-int-do-not-conform-to-methods-type-parameter-boun/51236893#51236893
  15. I may just have to go back to normal Java. I really can't find any way around this online. SAD FACE.
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