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  1. How would i go about sending a packet when a certain event occurs, it crashes every time Main mod: Packet Class: Event Handler: Crash Log:
  2. So, I am making a mod where you can summon and deposit an item, but when ever i try to deposit an item/block when you press a key. It keeps crashing with a java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking entity Crash Log: Main Class: Keybinding Class(init method): EventHandler:
  3. Thanks! I think it may be because that I haven't registered or initialized the item yet
  4. I'm making a big mod that adds armor, tools, weapons, and other stuff, but when i tried running Minecraft after adding alot of things, it just kept crashing! Can anyone find the error in my code? Main Class: Item Class: Crafting Class: Log:
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