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  1. Hey guys. so i've been thinking about making a colonial minecraft sci-fi mod, with a new crafting system i havn't seen before, basicly its a deploy system, getting dropped by large orbital drones, at your marked locations. the drones are going to work both ways, where they can transport large ammount of materials from your mines, to your space orbital crafting station (as a transportation hub), to lesser logstic missions, to deploy multiblock structures, for mining/crafting/power and so on. now for this to be fun, i have to make it look fun too. problem is (as fare as i know), moving tiles is a very big problem, so i was thinking to make it an entity, when it was being transported from orbit, and then it transform into a multiblock tile, when deployed. is that possible? my very ugly drawing of it
  2. ohh, i figured it out, i had to use the deopfed jar, instead of the normal jar was able to load them with no problems
  3. Hey guys, i've been trying to make a mod with a more realistic oil refeinery process, then the buildcraft one. however since i got little knowledge on how the gradle works with the forge framework, i am a little confused on how to load another mod into the IntelliJ idea, i tryed ti place the mod in the eclipse/mod folder, however it makes the process return errors. currently i have to build the mod each time i want to try it out, and place it in a forge enabled minecraft folder, to test with buildcraft this process does not bother me much, however i wanted to expand my mod to support Bioms o plenty, to refine the diffrent fluids from that mod too. i've only been able to find guides for the old structure, and not for the new one, sadly.
  4. Well, it isn't as easy as just doing that, first of all you need to make a new render for the inventory GUI, add detection, and a save/load spot on the player for this to work. if you want the easy way, you could make the Hotbar the shield slot, whenever you have a shield in the hotbar, it could equip it on the player.
  5. Ohhh.. thanks for the link.. i was trying to make it manually it only make the ModelClass right?
  6. Doh.. okay i kindea searched the whole code, for the ModelZombie.java, and found i need to register my own in the RenderManager instance, by making a Render Class for it well i guess i just give up to easy.. but thanks anyway
  7. however i've been looking trugh the forge code, and may have found how i make my own rendering of a Entity, but still havnt found any example how the Forge code want it linked to a Entity, so it can be seen in the Clientside.. is there any registering of a Rendering for a new entity, using some sort of dark magic?
  8. tryed googleing Techne, nothing at all.. is it a user? i know of some user that makes some really nice tutorials.. but can't remember hes name
  9. Hey guys i've been busy making a mod, and want to add a new zombie, that requires a custom shape. i've been looking as EntityZombie, but can't find any linking to how it renders the model, anyone that could give me a hint to where to look, and maby knows a uptodate tutorial on this? hopeoneone can help, and thanks
  10. i kinda made this work... i made a command "/null" and when a want to prevent a chat message to get broadcasted, using the default broadcaster, i return a new Packaet3Chat("/null"), the command is then accepted by all, so i dont get any errors, the command is empty in the processCommand part if anyone got a better idea, i would love to hear about it, as i have been hunding for a gap in the code to replace the current chathandler part... ofcasue i could use craftbukkit, but i dont think there will be a forge ported release yet for some time
  11. Hi forum. So i have been making a ChatListener, using the IChatListener implementation. i want to make my own Manager for the Server-site of NetServerHandler::handleChat(Packet3Chat par1Packet3Chat) Well... my main idea is to Make a Local chat distance, to prevent mass spamming. so that means that the Default NetServerHandler should not send the chat message to Clients, as i can see it would do that in any case. so i was wondering if there was a way to abort a chat message getting send to the NetServerHandler::handleChat(Packet3Chat par1Packet3Chat)? thanks
  12. haha.. ofcasue, thanks Lex.. found what i needed
  13. Well.. i did look at the Teleport.class but can't find the part where it actually change dimension.. only setting location
  14. Hey guys, i proberly been overlooking how to do this, as i googled it, but i really can't find anyting about this thing. i am making a RPG mod, where i need to make a teleporter to another dimension. is this a wrong approach? i am trying blindly been looking a little into the World Class, and it dosnt seem to have any hints
  15. yeah, i kinda screwed it up, i forgot to add the right paremeters to the methode it should be this i did the big mistake and wrote
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