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  1. I had just figured out the problem. Not only was my Forge Environment corrupt, but I forgot to make the "items" folder inside of the "textures" folder. So that's why the texture was not being rendered. I know that it was corrupt because even after I deleted my mod to restart, the Item could still be /given, and was in the Mod List on the main menu.
  2. I made my modid lower case... but it's not changing in game now...
  3. 1) Screenshots don't work (for me) They are working fine on my side... oh well. 2) Is your modid exactly the same everywhere (lower-/uppercase)? Yes I checked, the modid is the same in every location. 3) Does your texture name match exactly (lower-/uppercase)? Yes, I named it itemcythar, and in the code I specified for it to look for "itemcythar"
  4. I followed MrCrayfish's tutorial for adding a basic item into 1.7.10, (the whole reason for going back a minecraft version for modding is because it's so much easier to add Blocks/Items into it), and it's work thus far, but I have hit a wall. He explained how to implement textures and I did what he did. Instead of me booting up and seeing my texture, I see the "missing texture" texture. Here is the code I have for the Item: itemCythar = new ItemCythar().setUnlocalizedName("ItemCythar").setTextureName("EMod:itemcythar"); GameRegistry.registerItem(itemCythar, itemCythar.getUnlocalizedName().substring(5)); Screenshot of the texture not working, aswell as package explorer showing where I have the texture: EDIT: I have solved this issue, and I face palmed very hard because it was the most obvious fix. Just look at my second screenshot, as you can see I have the "textures" folder, right? Well, I don't have the "items" folder inside of it, which is where my texture is supposed to be located.
  5. I'm getting errors on these: http://puu.sh/iNsO8/c9a634a038.png (The Red Underlines)
  6. Doesn't seem to work when putting it in my main class file. Was there a specific spot to put this code?
  7. I found the code required to change the time, but I cannot edit it. So I was wondering if there is a way to mask over the original code with code of my own. Here is the code: /** * How long it takes to use or consume an item */ public int getMaxItemUseDuration(ItemStack stack) { return 72000; } Basically I want to make that 72,000 to 1.
  8. Yeah, you're probably getting tired of me posting for help... but that is kind of what this whole section on the forum is for. So Here are the errors: And
  9. To Jedispencer21, yes I have made the ItemEXTS class. Although I have not made the Helper one. I had thought that It came with Forge since the tutorial author said nothing about having to make that class. To cool, I've been looking all over the place for tutorials and can never seem to find the right one. EDIT: to Jedispencer21, oh that would help, thanks!
  10. I've been following this tutorial: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1q5zGvnSslQK8QUFJlEtGClZCM9esf88LzZTEzaY6Mlo/edit I have all the code needed but I still have two errors that I can't seem to fix. It's telling me that there isn't a such thing as 'RegisterHelper' From these: public static void registerItems() { RegisterHelper.registerItem(cythar); } public static void registerItemRenderer() { RegisterHelper.registerItemRenderer(cythar); } } and it's tell me to erase 'cythar' from this: public static Item cythar = new ItemEXTS().setUnlocalizedName(“cythar”); Which is the name of the Item I am trying to add.
  11. I added "Enchantment." in front of sharpness and it fixed it. Thank You!
  12. Okay, so that fixed a couple of errors, but it's still saying that there isn't a such thing as "sharpness"
  13. I fixed the spelling error a couple of seconds after posting that reply... So by stack does that mean I put (stack, 1) instead of diamond_sword? I'm new to this and haven't even got around to adding custom Items yet... but recipes where at least easy enough for me to have some fun with it until I learn more so I can go to Items. Sorry for my noob-y-ness.
  14. I did this: ItemStack stack = new ItemStack(Items.diamond_sword); stack.addEnchantment(sharpness, 4); GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(Items.diamond_sword), " E ", " E ", " S ", 'E', Items.emerald, 'S', Items.stick); Still have a bunch of errors... help? (Sorry about this.)
  15. I have this: GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(Items.diamond_sword), " E ", " E ", " S ", 'E', Items.emerald, 'S', Items.stick); Except I want the diamond sword that comes out to be enchanted, and I'm not sure how to do that.
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