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  1. Move this line public static CreativeTabs tabalzairio = new Tabalzairio(CreativeTabs.getNextID(), "alzairio"); [code] down (swap it with the line below)
  2. FakePlayer needs to extend EntityClientPlayerMP.
  3. But I'm downloading them using FML's hooks... Returning ILibrarySets from the loading plugin. So is FML misbehaving or did I screw up something? EDIT: it was them misplacing the mod...
  4. I *think* this will do what you want: At the ROOT of the Git repo, create a file - '.gitignore', and using an editor that isn't notepad, put this in it: src/minecraft/* !src/minecraft/latchy11
  5. My mod downloads libraries, and as of recent forge builds, I've been getting reports of issues in which EventTransformer throws a NullPointerException for some reason. The reports can be found here and here
  6. Because LiteLoader messes with things forge does.
  7. Make sure that you're doing it in code that will be run by the server, not the client
  8. The problem is that Bukkit has been reorganized to make several events work - Mojang's code doesn't include hooks for several events. But it *should* still be possible, it will just take a while for this stuff to be worked out.
  9. What he meant was if (!world.isRemote){ EntityItem entity = new EntityItem(this.getWorldObj(), this.xCoord + rx, this.yCoord + ry, this.zCoord + rz, new ItemStack(contents.itemID, contents.stackSize, contents.getItemDamage())); } (you spawn server-side, not client-side)
  10. Core, chat, commands no - most of my energies are focused on BukkitForge, BlockBreak is but I need to compile it.
  11. And don't use MCPatcher. Use optifine and MultiMC
  12. I compile against 467, but that shouldn't make a difference. I will try, once again, to make the command work.
  13. Copy the files in .minecraft/lib to the server's lib folder.
  14. FML uses a custom class loader to load classes from mod files, so pretty much you'd have to merge the JRebel loader with that AFAIK.
  15. Try upgrading to the latest version, update LWJGL, and try without Rei's.
  16. I'll look into it. It won't be easy because of some major forge changes, but I think I have a way around that.
  17. You need to make kore.korecraft.mod.TileEntityEssenceExtractor extend TileEntityFurnace
  18. I guess if you were desperate you could always write some kind of a script that detects if you're unzipping a forge source installation and then automatically chmods it for you.
  19. That's definitely interesting... Try upgrading forge on both the client and the server, perhaps even a fresh install...
  20. Logs or it didn't happen. ForgeModLoader-server-0.log and ForgeModLoader-client-0.log
  21. AutoAssign is broken, you'll need to manually fix your RP2 block/item IDs
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