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  1. I believe there is a way in either bukkit.yml or BukkitForge.cfg. It'll let you change the name to use.
  2. Yea, about PEX... It's hard to support it, since it uses some pretty strange things to add support for other plugins. If you use PEX you can use http://pex2gm.cgw.me/ to convert your permissions file to GroupManager (if you want to use it) and this to replace ModifyWorld. We recommend GroupManager over any other (PermissionsEx in particular) permissions plugins. For a list of reasons why, please read http://bit.ly/QBTtcQ. Any questions, come onto irc.esper.net, #bukkitforge and ask me.
  3. Using #87, and PEX from here, PermissionsEx should now work, along with all the other perms plugins.
  4. Hey, so i managed to get everything working with some chances of your code, and i finnaly started to look into developing plugins/mods. But i direcly found 1 problem. The BlockbreakEven from bukkit never gets called with these custom items (obviously) And your method: public void BlockDestroyEvent(keepcalm.mods.events.events.BlockDestroyEvent e){ Bukkit.getServer().getLogger().log(Level.SEVERE, "BlockID: " + e.blockId); } Never gets called. To be honest, I have NO idea how to use your event But bukkit does not give me an error on illegal event, so id take it as working Could you by any chance give me some advice/psuedo code before you leave? <3 Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work! That event is called when non-players (block breakers, etc) break blocks. PlayerBreakBlockEvent is called when a player breaks a block. Also, those events are for forge mods. Not bukkit
  5. This should work - a player called '[MOD]' will be recorded as doing the breaking/placing. I am looking into doing tighter integration with mods (turtles, etc) UPDATE! You're over 40 builds behind. Newest builds can be found here
  6. The end goal is to have plugins from dev.bukkit.org be usable out of the box, but some plugins access classes that are not the same across implementations (for example, internal minecraft classes). So some will need ports. If they don't spit any nasty errors, then it's just things that don't function yet, mostly event-related, and they're coming with time. Thanks, though I've heard that LWC's author is doing something himself, but it will work properly eventually.
  7. The log. It's one of the few errors that spells out what is wrong.
  8. If you update to builds from the site linked at the top of the OP, the creeper explosions should revert. Hopefully. Also all the crashes should be gone.
  9. Thanks And editing the craftbukkit jar is what I did, essentially. I copied their implementation of the API and adapted it to forge. That's as close as I can get without changing minecraft.jar in some way.
  10. Ok, I updated and released my API (link in signature). To create events, have a class that extends Event and use MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.post(event) when you want to call it.
  11. Nope. That would be akin to supporting piracy. Not happening There's now an option to set the CraftBukkit version string in config
  12. Here BukkitForge has something that does that, unfortunately it is part of it... But if you're willing to make BukkitForge a dependency, you can find all the events in the 'events' package. If not, I'll look into creating an events API thingy.
  13. Yes Use BukkitForge. Logblock is starting to work more and more Thanks!
  14. I want to check if a player has logged on before, and I need it to be a way that doesn't rely on a file I create when my mod is installed, so that my mod can be installed on existing servers seamlessly.
  15. SrgTools and MinecraftRemapping will interest you.
  16. That's right, but you need to ensure FML is loading the coremod. Ninjar (for the coremods folder) coming soon
  17. Assuming you know bukkit, you'll find the layout to be similar to bukkit's. So permissions.yml should be formatted in the same way as bukkit's, and any plugins (except for WorldEdit, Essentials and VoxelSniper) should be downloaded from dev.bukkit.org. It's a bit buggy, so report any bugs you find on github
  18. Ouch. Looks like magic launcher is misbehaving. Use MultiMC - it's like Magic Launcher, but better
  19. You misunderstand This mod is screwing up, and attempting to access the server as if it were running on the server. Which obviously doesn't work... And yes, working out which mod causes this would be hard. If it occurs in single player (which it might), remove them one by one and see when it stops happening. That's the only way I can think of...
  20. If a plugin crashes and the line where it says 'xxx.xxx.SomethingExcpetion' has 'com.google.something' in it, it's a guava10 plugin. But don't worry - most plugins don't use guava. It's mostly just essentials As for PEX, I'm working on it, it's a hard-to-find bug... Can I suggest resetting your configs (don't use ones from craftbukkit)? We've noticed that for some reason that misbehaves a bit...
  21. One of your mods is trying to send packets to all players in SMP - but it doesn't have access to the server, so FML complains
  22. So, you mean like Essentials and WorldEdit for forge? (if you do, read my signature )
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