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  1. This is what I was afraid of. I guess I got too stuck into this 1.12.2 tutorial series that I didn't stop to think if it was really needed. It's a good thing this has been caught relatively early. Thanks
  2. As someone who has been in a Programming Apprenticeship for nearly a year now, I agree with this statement but it is missing one important piece of information: clear aspirations, concrete goals and knowing what you need to learn (understanding of the domain you are about to dabble in). There have been many instances where I have tried to learn something on my own but I have not had a solid goal in mind. However, in this entire (nearly) year, I have learned 200% the amount of stuff I learned in the ~3 years prior. And no, that isn't entirely an exaggeration. I am just as shocked as
  3. When creating 'BasicItem', 'BasicBlock', 'Basic[ToolName]' etc Classes, I have found that they all have some identical constructor sections. I have created a generic util method but I feel absolutely filthy for doing it this sloppy way. However, Generics don't allow you to call methods on the 'actual' type because that would break encapsulation. That was the only other way I saw this working. Is there anything I'm forgetting or missing out on? I just really feel like a heathen for doing it this way public static <T extends IForgeRegistryEntry.Impl<T>> void initItem(T item, Stri
  4. I am trying to make 'Healing Swords' but the method that I thought would work (taking a negative number from the HP would be the same as adding it to the HP) doesn't seem to work. In fact, negative damage doesn't even do anything which leads me to believe that there is some sort of validation on the attack damage handlers. Any idea what could be the cause of this? And also, is there a way around this or is there a different route I could take?
  5. I never said that I was modding with 1.13. I simply said that I got confused for a second by diesieben mentioning about unification
  6. Ah. Nevermind. I got confused for a second when you said about being unified in 1.13
  7. Ah, nice. Thanks. So, should I mostly ignore mcmod.info?
  8. Both the Mod annotation and the mcmod.info file hold a lot of the same data. What is the point of the redundancy? Especially seeing as though it would be fairly easy to forget to update the info in one after doing it for the other (when there are multiple values being updated). I want to avoid this situation as much as possible (DRY programming practice) so I kinda want to figure out a way to use the buildfile to inject values into both the java and mcmod.info so that I can centralise the changes. However, that isn't the point of this post. The point of this
  9. So it's gonna be a bunch of string literals then. Unless I do some form of Dependency Injection (or would that break shit too? If I call the method for loading it all in the preinit then I shouldn't run into issues?)
  10. I guess it's just a case of me going a bit overboard with the whole "reduce code duplication" idea...
  11. That approach is what I have seen multiple times online. However, I personally think that the logical place to define the names of items is within the respective item classes. I guess that is just a result of me working in Industry for the past 3 months as a Software Engineer Apprentice...
  12. What is the folder contents of Gemology? It could be that you're missing the 'gradle' folder
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