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  1. im stuck with onrightclick event im trying to understand it but with no luck so im hoping some one out there can help me trying to make this item on right click removes 1 Heath and add a item in the inventory but only if heath over 1 heath i hope i really hope that some one out there can help me
  2. Aah Okey thanks now i get it Dont really know Way i dont think of it before thanks
  3. I'm kind of new to all this Minecraft modding I'm trying to make this mod where you make a portal with runes. Let's say you have this block called Demon Brick and you hold and rune in your hand and you want to "put" this rune on a block and it removes the old block and put a new block down with new texture where the rune is on How do i do this so far? I got 4 different runes and if put together in the right order/ways the portal will open/ be activated. What I've got so far is 5 different classes with the blocks and different textures and the DemonBrick itself, 4 different it
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