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  1. Sorry for double post! So I did everything, except, when I add the "omnee" folder to "jars/bin/minecraft.jar" it get's an error when I try to run minecraft with eclipse, btw, all my pictures are inside that omnee folder... So... I tried to compile it, reobfuscate it, and zipped it like this: Created zip file, added minecraft folder from reobfuscate, some other class files and omnee folder too... And I get a zip with minecraft, class files and omnee in it, but when I try to add it to "mods" inside a client with Forge installed I get an error... Can somebody help me with this?...
  2. It should work just having it in its own package but if you REALLY want to (not recommended), you can have it in "net.minecraft.src" package. just make sure that the line at the top of the class says the correct package that its in. Getting the zip file?? Yup, recompile all the class files in the "reobj" folder making sure the file structure is correct (ie. common SHOULDNT be at the top of the zip folder structure, it should start one below that) Do you even know what you are talking about? It IS recommended to make your own package, and when you do, you should put it into the .zip/.jar like this: For instance, take the package ebilkill.mods.minecraft.crosstheline; Then it's be like this:*root of archive*/ebilkill/mods/minecraft/crosstheline/*all files in this package* Hope this helps you. The textures should be added to the path you specified (/omnee/MineScape I think there should be a .png after that though) inside the root of the .zip/.jar, like this: *root of archive*/omnee/MineScape(.png?). I hope your texture is a .png, because it won't work if it isn't. I think he meant like: It is recomended to make your own package, But if you don't want you can do it on net.minecraft.src (wich isn't recomended) I only coded ModLoader and noLoader before, this is my very first time codding with Forge, and all this "@" thingies are quite getting me confused, but I will get how this works better someday, anyway, thanks SO MUCH guys... I will try to do it now, thanks SO much
  3. Hello everybody, omnee here. So my main question is, how do I add textures to my forge mod without having to modify the minecraft.jar? I want to do this because I know modifying the jar can get quite frustrating and annoying, so hopefully, somebody can tell me how to do this, like all those awesome mods where you just drag the zip and boom, done... The code I am currently using is: @Override public void registerRenderThings(){ MinecraftForgeClient.preloadTexture("/omnee/MineScape"); } Or we can say, that's the only important part. Now my second question... So I started this mod in a mod_MineScape class in common.net.minecraft.src.mod_Minescape, now, will this work just like the awesome mods where you just drag a zip file in the mods folder and your done? Pheraps you have to make your own package? I did make 2 packages but only for the Proxy, one in client and one in common... If it does work, can somebody explain me how to get the zip file, is it just compressing all the class files into a zip file and putting it in the mods folder?
  4. So I installed Metallurgy 2, and Treecapitator, and what happens is, when I break stone with a Metallurgy tool that is faster than diamond, it breaks the block, the block comes back, and after a short time, it breaks, with treecapitator happens the exact same thing except with every single tool, it breaks one block, the block comes back and the whole tree gets cutten after a while, now I know this probabily is a kind of "anti-cheat" for that super fast mining hack, but there also might be a way to disable it? If anybody knows how to, please, tell me... Other info: This happens on server, I have the lastest forge installed and I have Treecapitator, Metallurgy, ExtrabiomesXL and FML (Ofc) installed.
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