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  1. MOTHER OF GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! i love you fucking guy!!! now i can playing my server with mods!!! THANK YOUUUU
  2. I tell you: - I didn't delete the META-INF of the minecraft_server.jar - I download minecraft_server.exe and minecraft_server.jar - I use minecraft_server.exe to start the server
  3. Hello First, sorry for my bad English, and second, I've got a problem with my vanilla server, downloaded from minecraft.net/download ... I don't know what's the matter, but when i want to use mods into the server, the "mods" folder doesnt appear, and I put the "minecraftforge-universal-"! If someone can help me, answer soon If you respond in Spanish, better My Forge version: Forge Version: 4.1.1 Minecraft Version: 1.3.2
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